Sports Letter

Spring 2013

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

NCAA regulations require all varsity student athletes to undergo a Complete Physical Exam by a physician within the six months prior to participation.  In light of this regulation for pre-participation medical exams, Bates College requires a Physical Exam by a physician each year for students wishing to play a varsity sport.  This requirement does not affect most club sports.  Ice Hockey and Rugby participants will be required to have a Complete Physical Exam by a physician prior to participation their Junior year only.

New Students – All entering students are required by the college to have a Complete Physical Exam by a physician within the previous six months.  The Bates Physical Exam Form must be used. Entering students who choose to participate only in a varsity spring sport, must have a physical dated after August 15th to fall within compliance of NCAA regulations.  The NCAA requires that all varsity student athlete physicals be performed by a Physician within 6 months of participation.  Following completion of the Physical Exam, please forward it to the Bates Health Services.  All other material needed for entrance to Bates College should be forwarded as requested by July 1st.  Please sign the Sports Medicine release on your Physical Exam Form before giving the form to your physician to complete.

Health Services cannot do any pre-participation athletic physical exams.  Local options, off–campus are available, independent of Bates College and are subject to availability which may delay your participation date. If you arrive on campus without this exam, when you are scheduled to begin practice, you will not be allowed to participate.  Please plan accordingly and begin scheduling your appointment now.  Completed physical exam forms which arrive after the stated deadline will be placed in a “late file”.  The “late file” will not be reviewed immediately and will result in a loss of participation time.

In addition to the Complete Physical Exam, the NCAA now requires student athletes to provide documentation of ADD and ADHD medication from their prescribing physician.  Please download the ADD or ADHD Medication Forms at and have your healthcare provider complete and return the forms if you have been prescribed this type of medication.

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Health Services or the Athletic Department.

Christy P. Tisdale, M.S.N., A.N.P.
Director of Health Services

Kevin McHugh
Athletic Director