BOC Minutes 9/17/14

Look who’s on time (bitches).

BOC Minutes

September 17, 2014

Found on my armrest: Bryan’s mugshot.

Alex welcomes everyone, especially JUDY

Judy had a flat tire last meeting and couldn’t come, but she’s Judy Martin, class of ‘66, one of our advisors. She has been the advisor since 1982, her house is in Greene where the lean-to is, which is an awesome place, and she’s super cool!!

JOSH RAN CLAMBAKE! He did a great job! 275 lobsters, good weather, good people, good times. There’ll be another Clambake this spring!


Chris Crum: Lost Valley is on the brink of closing! (For those who don’t know, LV is this tiny kitchy cute ski “mountain” like 10 minutes away from campus, where Bates kids can ski fo free). They need $50k to open one chairlift, $100k to open two. If Lost Vegas closes, it will be super sad for EVERYONE. Please please please donate; it’s a “community asset” (H. Goldberg). Grace à can we hold a fundraiser??

Ideas: Fundraising walk, tabling, involving the Lewiston community, and definitely Bates Alumns!

If you feel moved, donate here:

Unfortunately as a club, we can’t directly donate, but we’ll try to figure something out.

Chris suggests fraud, turns out he’s suggesting embezzlement. …Maybe?

Judy: This year is our 95th (wuuut) anniversary; there will be a dinner on the Friday of homecoming (October 24th) for alums and BOC members who would like to attend, Judy sent an email, reply to that if you want to come or email her directly at!

Josh: Ken Spalding is made a movie called Damnation, which is about the environmental effect of dams on fishing etc. He’s coming to Bates on October 9 in Olin 104 (so many details!). The event already has a ton of cosponosorships, and Josh is asking for $30 from the BOC. We can probably swing that, right?

Audrey: She’s treasurer! Won’t send out weekly emails because no one actually wants that in their inbox, but is holding office hours every Wednesday in the E-room during E-room hours (which are 4-5, in case your forgot).

Nate: Monday night: Portland Rock Gym is screening a movie called Real Rock 9! It’s about climbing Yosemite and sounds pretty sick. If a lot of people want to go, we can probably take a van! Email Nate:

Noel: Last week, our favorite facial-haired E-room director proposed a $250 cosponosrship for BEAM, who will be taking 4 vans to NYC for a big anti-climate change march. In the words of Noel: “climate change effects the outdoors and a whole lot of what outing club does,” which is true. We love nature! BEAM already has a cosponsorship from student government and a couple academic departments, and a little money from We vote, it PASSES.


Dana: Next weekend, members of Astronomy Club and Outing Club are going to Acadia National Park for their annual Dark Sky Festival. Acadia is designated as a “dark sky preservation”, in other words there are dope star gazing opportunities up there. They have guided star gazing, night hikes, and night climbs (WOW). They will be camping for two nights in Blackwoods, camp sites are already reserved! 7-9 people from the BOC can go, about 15 people total. Total cost is $800, wants $200 from us for about 8 people. We vote, it PASSES, but if only one BOC person goes, “there will be less vans and less cost” –Dana but Alex is concerned about paying $200 for one trip.

Sasha and I are leading a trip to Camden Hills, email us if you’re desperate to go, we need 150$, it passed and it’s going to be AWESOME.

Kevin: Friday morning sunrise paddle 20 minutes away! There are about 20 spots, but bring your cars to increase capacity. Meet at the boat barn between Hacker and Moulton (I think it’s Moulton, just look for lots of canoes). They will be back in time for 8am classes, or if you have a little more time, you can head to Nezinscot before 9:30 classes for some dank farm fresh bfast. The plan is to paddle out on Lake Auburn and see the sunrise! Awesome.

Grace is going fishing on Friday, can fit 4-7 people in her car (does it stretch or like…), BYOR (bring your own rod), the plan is to stop and get bait and then go fishing for a little while! There will be a more precise email from G-money later.

Alex almost forgot, but he has a trip: (editor’s note: he actually has like 4). Vermont Adventure Race in Craftbury Vermont is holding holding a “unique adventure checkpoint race” that is “physically and tactically challenging” as part of their Octoberfest weekend on the 5th.

ALSO, O2x is having a college race at Sunday River on the 26th and the 27th. Never fear, this is not just a straightforward race, but there will be all kinds of cool things happening. A “crazy race” and a “big festival, local food and beverages, live music.” Sounds fun!

ALSO, from Baxter Outdoors, there’s another adventure race, Alex can’t find the email but will send one out about it.

ALSO (jesus Alex), ASSUALT ON KATADHIN: October 4-5 with da BOC, looking for at least 50 people!! Katadhin is in Baxter state park and is the highest peak in Maine. Everyone is welcome, there will be groups hiking at all speeds, so bring your friends! It will be AWESOME. Plan is to drive Friday, hike Saturday, and drive back on Saturday night. It’s going to be SUPER FUN, the trip will definitely going to fill up though, so sign up soon (once there’s and email).


Hannah: fishing rods? Lets look for them first.

Joseph’s meditation cushions: $300 for as many meditation cushions for as many cushions as that can buy! Doesn’t pass. We’ll see if he wants to downgrade his proposal at a later date.

Nate: proposed a Port-o-Ledge: you can sleep attached to a vertical surface!! Lots of uses both outdoors and indoors and also on buildings; “it can be ours for just $700!” JUST? Okay, Nate.


Our first new Councilmembership is awarded to Elsa! YEAH!

ADVANCE is next week!! That’s our third meeting, so we’ll meet at the lean-to at Judy’s crib (there will be a van), and have a bonfire and s’mores and tell stories and have the best time ever.

Work trips in time for advance: the climbing wall needs to be stripped, wood needs to be cut for Advance, and E-room probably needs to be cleaned.


Pat: Patrick was in Peru for 2 months, stayed in a children’s home for the last 2 weeks, during which time he went camping unexpectedly. They drove over the Andes and through the woods and ended up in a jungle. They were running LATE. Mosquitos were SWARMING. Children were GRABBING FRUIT off of trees left and right, and lo and behold, the bus got stuck with 30 kids in the middle of the jungle! PAT saves the day and tries to run ahead, alone in the jungle (dare I say he was running through the jungle), and gets to an “encampment place” (like probably a village, Pat) where he meets some peeps that take a pickup truck back to the kids. It ended up being super fun, but it was super crazy!

That’s all for today!

Love and resh air as always,