BOC Minutes 10/1/14

BOC Minutes

October 1, 2014

Sign in question: would you rather spend two months in Europe with a $2000 weekly pension or spend 10 minutes on the moon?

Results: Votes for Europe outnumbered Moon votes 18 to 15.

New Members get Patches! Happy councilmembering.


Alex: advance was last week, it was super fun, we told stories and made s’mores. Those of you who didn’t make it, hope you had enough FOMO to come next year.

Katahdin: THIS WEEKEND! There was a craaaaazy amount of interest, so sorry if you didn’t make get a spot! There has been some shifting around, now the trip list probably settled until 4 pm on Friday when there will inevitably be last minuteflakes.  CHECK YOUR EMAILS COMPULSIVELY at that time if you’re still hoping for a spot! My fingers are crossed for you.

Noel: because we’re leaving at 4 on Friday the E-room will be CLOSED, so stuff that’s due on Friday will now be due on Monday. If you need something seeing as it’s Thursday and the E-room is now closed until Monday, talk to Noel or Ian and they’ll help you out.

Emails: and

We need to get those publicity announce emails started again! If you want to help Hannah and Dani out, let them know. Sending announce emails makes you feel powerful!

Josh found a backpack in his car that contains a hat and a bathing suit after announce. SIKE! It’s from Clambake. Anyone? Anyone?

Alex: Lost Valley is OPENING! YES. There will be a press release today with more details! They are cutting season ticket price in half to try to get more sales, and if you’re thinking that this sounds counterintuitive for an establishment looking to make more money, we’re thinking the same thing. We’ll see what happens.

George: POWER MOVE: tells peeps to buy season ski passes from him specifically. Season ski passes are awesome and definitely worth it, here’s the link to buy one!

Bryan isn’t selling ski passes, so consult him if you want to an unbiased opinion about who to buy one from.

George: Friends don’t let friends buy from Euan, SHOTS FIRED

Bryan: Euan is the worst person to buy one from, confirmed.

Nate set up a slack line on Mount David and foolishly placed it OVER A BEE’S NEST.  He hasn’t been able to take it down as a result, so like probably don’t use it unless you’re feeling dangerous.


Toby is going to Shagg on Friday afternoon.

Bryan—WAIT, WOW, what the hell, you’re not going to Katahdin? Toby is a fair weather climber (which is okay.)

Toby: waiting for the weather call on Katahdin, keep an eye on your inbox if you’re interested.

His spot in Katahdin also might be for grabs based on bad attitude.

Toby again: over October break, there will be a climbing trip to Rumney, which is a super cool climbing area! There’s already lots of interest and there will be a real budget by next week. Depending on interest, the trip could take lots of different forms, so shoot Toby an email if you are even remotely interested in all of break or part of break or whateva.


Vote on Port-o-ledge previously proposed by Nate:

Jordan: if someone can’t set it up right, they’ll die. That’s called a liability, kids

Consensus: this is a bad idea.

Sorry Nate!

Are we voting…?

We voted, didn’t pass.

Editor’s note: this next proposal dialogue had to be pared down, since the original transcript was a page long in and of its self.

Bryan proposes $400 for materials to build a mini-ramp inside the boat barn for the following types of shredding: skateboarding scootering rollerblading running and heely-ing (those cool shoes with wheels in the heel if you’ve been living under a rock)

Dimensions: 8 feet wide by 15 or 20 feet long

Bryan: The boat barn is a “wonderful resource” that is “primly located” in the middle of Frye Street. It stores watersport related goods but could be put to better use: “Do we feel like our club is headed in the direction where we don’t stigmatize action sports?” Bryan asks

Are we about to pay for Shred Club’s fun? Shred club is going to go halfsies with us.

Where are we going to move things from the BB?

Bryan has found joy in skateboarding; he has a “deep emotional connection” with it and “wants to take it to the next level” (marriage…?)

Are we allowed to do this? Yeah. Are you sure? Yeah. Really? Yeah. What about—yeah.

Wait! It’s not a ramp, it’s a mini half pipe.

Alex asks about Million Doller Skate Park in downtown Lewiston, Bryan gets mad because its CLOSED IN THE WINTER, ALEX.

Access: make it public and transparent who has keys to boat barn. Bryan will be willing to go whenever, make sure everything is safe, and then lock it up when people are done. Bryan doesn’t consider this an issue and is also committed to teaching so that you too can find a deep emotional connection to skateboarding.

Bryan wants to vote now so that he doesn’t get his hopes up

Vote is contingent on that we can whether or not all of the stuff can be moved.

It passes!

MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS: let’s work on our order next time.

Nate and Noel: Both part of BEAM (Bates Energy Action Movement), which wants Bates to divest investments with endowment away from big oil companies. Administration said NO last year, so they’re trying to get a ton of clubs involved to make a stronger argument this year. If you have questions, email Noel or Nate or talk to either of them.

So, we’re voting to signify Outing Club’s support of divestment? Is it fair to speak for the whole club? We’ll come back to this.


#1: Trashion Show is allowing group submissions this year, maybe the whole club should work on that! Trashion shows happens after harvest dinner, entries form all individual or groups are welcome.

Environmental Leadership Council: groups on campus that involve the environment send representatives to meetings. If you guys want to participate, Dana will send and email, but you should totally get involved!

Green Room Certifications: That means that you complete a checklist on the sustainability website, check ‘em off, chat, and you get a sticker and a patch and cool membership to a group with cool events and cool prizes.

Maybe our very own meeting room could become green certified!

Parliamentarian Chris: Where is the clubs Constitution? lol. It’s online.

Alex wants to prime the pump for a proposal: he was surfing Craigslist, and there is a BUS for sale in South Portland! It looks pretty sweet, too bad we can’t own a vehicle as a club.


Sidney: Last year, he went on an awesome paddling trip over fall break with the BOC. On the drive back they were on a logging road and one of the canoes came off the trailer and was dragging on the road (it was a BOC canoe). Sidney was in the car behind the trailer saw this happen, people driving the trailer didn’t know! The canoe kept falling off, but they eventually fixed the problem using bubble gum and paper clips.

Gina: Walked up a trail, passed a car that warned of dogs. Out of nowhere, 4 dogs come running down and barking, dogs start fighting her dog. She turns around and take a different trail, where they find 6 dogs that come running at them. Ended up having to run away from the dogs all the way down.

Chris was hiking two hours outside of Denver in the Collegiate Peaks. He met a family from Texas that was “actually in good shape” (WOAH….) but was struggling with the altitude a bit. He came to a fork in the trail with a carin on both sides, thought he would just know the tallest mountain when he saw it, but couldn’t tell. He guessed where to go and lost the trail in the snow and decided to hike in the seemingly harder direction to see what happened. They thought they summited Harvard, the tallest peak, but their way out they ran into the Texans again station and told their story, found out that they hiked a much smaller peak than they thought and the Texans had actually summited the tallest mountain.

Ian: went to Acadia this weekend and night hiked up Cadiallac. The ark ranpgers got mad that we (I was there too) were going to were trying to sleep there, so we decided to walk down the road, which we eventually realized would take hours, so we started hitch hiking at around midnight. Park rangers stopped, one told us to call 911 if we need anything, what???, but didn’t pick us up because they didn’t have room. Finally a park ranger picked us up, but he made it abundantly clear that he thought we were idiots.

Pernilla: stopped to get gas on the way back from Acadia, doesn’t know cars, she jiggled some switches, something opened, seemed fine.

Pulled over on the side of the highway, shuts trunk that’s open, also shuts hood that’s open, driver decides to cut off a truck, which swerves into the left lane, and can;t get in so he swerved back and ran Pernilla’s car off the road, finally get on the highway and follow the truck all the way home because who wants to pass someone they cut off.

Paige: Why I’ve never gone camping in a tent: she’s from Rhode Island where there are crazy turkeys. Their attacks are in the newspaper, she’s not kidding. Mom wasn’t home one time, dad set up a tent as a secret from her mom. They slept outside, they turkeys came, they went inside, and they slept in the tent on her brother’s bedroom floor………for a year. Perpetually afraid of turkeys.

Bryan: one last announcement: there’s a Bates social media contest on instagra which is stupid, but let’s infiltrate shit out of that. One of the hashtags is  #redbrickcity à WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?  USE IT ON ALL YOUR GRAMS.

Love and Fresh Air,