BOC Minutes 10/29/14

MINUTES 10/29/2014


Alex: It’s rainy out. Thanks?

Next week, there’s a lady coming form wilderness adventures to the meeting! There will be info sessions and interviews if you want to work there, exciting!

Also, a woman from Apogee will be on campus on Thursday, November 13 to have an info session and hold interviews. Her name is Hannah. If you’re interested, you should do it!
Last Friday, there was an awesome dinner, they talked about the 95th anniversary of the BOC which is in June during Alumni Weekend .

Ideas for 95th anniversary and 100th anniversary came up!

Judy: thanks to those who came, it was a great meeting full of awesome ideas.

If you want to help out with Reunion in June, or if you want to help organize a speaker for next semester that is a Bates alum who has done cool stuff, stay after the meeting or contact Judy or Alex

Sasha: Peaks weekend!! Lots of cool trip options to sign up for, or go on your own hike! sign up here.

Also, if you’re registered to vote in the state of Maine, vote yes on one to keep bears safe and hunting sporty.

Nate says vote no on 1 in Lewiston.

Hannah: pictures from Peaks Weekend: take them and send them to Hannah for the Bates Student! Take CLOTHED pictures for this one, kids

Sasha: take NAKED pictures on Peaks Weekend too and send them to her 😉

Send pictures to Hannah Tolan for the website

Dani: Ladies Climbing Night: 7-8 on Wednesday in Merrill gym! Come!

Alfie made a documentary about Katahdin, and needs two interviews—one person who has done it a few times and helped plan the trip, one person who was a first timer.  Stay after!

Julian, Noel and Adam will be taking apart a chainsaw in the e room on Friday. Cool! Come watch if you want to.

Noel: There’s a huge tent sale in Freeport at Ski and Cycle! Noel and Ian want to go but have a geo trip so they are seeking a proxy. If you wanna go surf the sale that doesn’t sell just tents, let them know. There will be liquid compensation (gas…………….) if you go! If you’re interested, find them or email them.

Pat: Meeting on Tuesday about instituting permanent Community Liaison in every club. It would be sweet to get kids outside, lots of benefits especially for the Outing Club. Something to think about over the next few weeks, we will eventually formally propose it and decide if it should be a separate position or if we add the responsibility to a position. $5000 will be available for projects!


Grace has a Peaks Weekend trip going out on Friday to Mt Washington. She is skipping her 8am and leaving at 7:30 or 8 to get there at a decent time. Howeva, If people have 8ams and want to wait, she is willing to negotiate. Let her know!

Alex: There’s a sweet tent in the e room! Zand found it, its like a giant canvas circus tent. Put a tree in the middle and you can sleep 10, AND you can put a stove in it! Perfect for winter camping. Alex is ready to bring it back, keep an eye out for opportunities.


Landon: $50 for climbing chalk. Can he use his director budget? Ask Audrey. Audrey says yes? Consider it proposed.

Nate whispers to Audrey: Do I have a budget?


Hannah Goldberg: sailing team went to Wallingfords today instead of sailing (no wind) and a goat had escaped. The goat followed them under a tent and into the parking lot where they had to ask for intervention.

Hannah Tolan do you have a story? NO.

Noel: took a sea kayaking short term, they were walkin around doin their geology thang on Cranberry Island near Acadia, someone found a set of bones and ligaments- partially mummified flesh on bone. MIGHT have been a human hand (or a seal flipper).

Sasha: in honor of Peaks Weekend: The first time she hiked the Bigelows, she was with someone who had just done a NOLS (hardoooooo) They were winter camping, and his mom was there who is well trained in extreme crisis situations. They had a map, but there weren’t trail markers. They slid down a cliff on their butts, and still couldn’t quite figure out how to get to the next peak. The hardo mom just decided to camp in a clearing, they all got a survival lesson. Made a gross dinner that had all kinds of “hiking stuff” in it. Too much too fast! Drank water that the pasta was made in and added a tea bag: it had oil, peanut butter, and tea (vom). Eventually they hiked out and found the car and everything was fine.

Best of luck baggin’ peaks this weekend!