BOC Minutes 1/8/14

To all my dearest BOC friends,

I would like to formally and humbly introduce myself as your new club secretary. It’s my most sincere hope that in the upcoming semester I meet the undoubtedly high expectations that will be placed upon my (mortal) shoulders. If in any scenario, I fail to this, then please feel free to refer yourself to this helpful graphic.
Minutes: January 8th
Our meeting opened with a lovely introduction from our glorious leader and president, Allie Balter. Each club director then took a moment to introduce themselves. Lots of bright faces and high hopes. It’s an exciting time to be an outing club member.


  • Tonight (Thursday, Jan. 9th) around 9pm there will be a gathering in the council room, now informally dubbed as “the suite,” “sweet suite,” or “el rincón.” Look out for an email from Ms.Balter (?). Also, If you put your full name down on the signup sheet at the meeting on Wednesday, then you should soon have card access to this room until 5am err’day. I know what you might be thinking, so just go ahead and sign up your name on this spreadsheet and the space is yours and yours alone.
  • A special congratulations to Nate Diplock who has been vaulted to the position of hickory due to the dropout of Jordan Cargill from the hickory race. Nate was not at the meeting to receive his new position and we missed him. Another congrats to Pat Jeffries who has also taken up the abandoned safety director position.
  • Daly and Brian “zombie skin” K. are running a new publicity campaign in order to promote next week’s winter carnival (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS). If you wanna help shoot one of them an email.
  • Dan Paseltiner with his endless python (THE PROGRAMMING LANGUANGE, SICKO) knowledge is looking to add pictures to our website, which is notably dated. If you have any sick naked summit pictures of your endless phyth….uh. Email dan.
  • Sasha, our wonderful money person says that we have 16-something thousand dollars. Apparently, this amount is lower than last year’s at this time, but we seemed to brush this to the side. B.O.C WALLOWS IN CASH. In all seriousness, we value our budget incredibly highly and would never spend even a cent towards a purchase which we deemed not vital to the club’s wellbeing; i.e. shofar.
  • John Furbush is being pursued by the team of Allie and Josh in order to sort out a deal to share a long-term rental of a P.E. van with the athletic department. This is a partnership that has been made in the past and has worked out well. Word around the street is that the much anticipated Furbush-Baltuvent meeting has in fact already taken place. The Furbush dude is supposedly a nice dude. Look out for updates next meeting.
  • Winter Carnival News
    • The Winter Carnival is normally big business for the BOC. This year is no exception! There are going to be lots of activities all throughout next week, including, but not limited to with the Iron Whisperlite Chef, Rollerdrome X Underhill nighttime ice skate and laser show, and of course, the Kevin Deng Memorial Puddle Jump.
    • Look out for a table set up in commons throughout this week for information regarding all Winter Carnival updates.
    • Those of you looking for merch. can buy the t-shirt from two years ago for the steeply discounted price of (1) free. Those looking for the limited edition Nancy Cable X B.O.C. collab. t-shirt can contact Nancy on this page.
    • We also need volunteers for some of these events, namely the KD Memorial Puddle Jump. We ask that all volunteers be alive, standing, human beings, capable of lifting objects. According to my notes of the meeting, Josh at this time made a joke regarding being able to see the nude buttocks of puddle jumpers when volunteering. DOESN’T SOUND FUNNY TO ME,  JOSH. Look out for spreadsheetz soon.
    • Our wonderful past BOC comrade, Ms.Ellie van Gemeren, also pushed last year for people to lead their own individual trips doing various snow things. Ex. include 10-person toboggan death course which was a blast. If you want to do something similar, feel free to email the listserv and go for it. WE’RE GOING TO GO TO THE HILL AND WE’RE GOING TO GO SLEDDING…YEAH!

Now onto TRIPS

  • Dan the man (the python) is going to MRG (Maine Rock Gym) this Saturday. Unfortunately the trip had to be called off due to the fact that the club has run out of punch-passes….NOT SO FAST…ENTER (1) JOSH W. BUSH…who, with one swift flick of his fairy wand of lingering presidential might, has already procured a NEW punch pass. WOW, great move JOSH. You totally predicted the future there. MRG TRIP IS ON.
  • Mr. Cargill wants to get some troops to head on over to his native land of North Conway to attend this years ICE FEST. ICE FEST is cool because there is stuff there. Examples include ultra-jacked pro climbers like Ueli Steck Sharma Sasha DiGiulian Barry Blanchard (Okay, Barry might not be famous as the likes of Sasha Digiulian, but he has awesome hair). Additionally there are various classes that we can take to be able to do things like lead ice climbing trips once we’re back at Bates. Finally, and most importantly, there is so much gear to cop for those of you who are more inclined to satisfy materialistic pursuits over actual climbing pursuits. DID I MENTION PATAGONIA WILL BE THERE *drools* ? Bates + Patagonia + Barry’s Hair … I mean what could go wrong. Email Jordan (or Johnny Barbadoozie) to make this a thing.
  • Unfortunately all of the avalanche safety courses at ICE FEST are filled, so the ever-elegant Anne C. decided that it would be nice to possibly try and get a group together and take the class (still in N. Conway) at another time. Email Anne if you are interested. “Safety > Tragic avalanche death” – Pat Jeffries


  • Uhh 4-season 3-person tent was bought proposed. Something’s fishy here. Julia, what are you up to!?
  • Josh, in a manner that in no way can be described as fishy, bought proposed a 10 9 punch pass at the MRG. The gym has been going through some tough times so we decided that we help them out and buy a 9-punch pass for the price of 10. “We love supporting local business” – Josh W. Bush. We voted on this one immediately, just because, and IT PASSED. “*phew*” – Josh.
  • John B. mentioned that maybe we should considering getting a co-sponsorship with Matt Furlow to just buy 2 unlimited use passes. Seems like a good idea? More to come.
  • Tanner has seen the future of shredding and it’s in the form of a $500 “alpine snowboard” Basically an alpine snowboard is the gnarliest way to carve super good and to do other things really good too. In the past though, you couldn’t use these without buying a specific, pricey boot. TALK ABOUT A DOUBLE WHAMMY! Thus most mortals resorted to vicariously using this board through the video game SSX TRICKY®. But now, you can just use normal alpine ski boots on the board. Technology, man. BOARD IS PROPOSED.


  • In a corner the W.B. Yeats of the BOC weeps quietly over the state of creative ruin that his people fester in. Nobody sees him. Nobody hears him.