BOC Minutes 1/21/15

Minutes 1/21/15

The first step in the plan Sasha and I have concocted to overthrow Josh and Grace and take over the BOC has been initiated. Actually they just had a thesis meeting, they’ll be back next week.

Also, HUGE thanks to everyone who helped out with the Skill and Grill. Whether it was moving snow around or running to the E Room for stoves when the grill didn’t work. There’s never snow for it, but somehow we pull it off every year.


-PUDDLE JUMP! We need people to volunteer to help people out of the water, supervise, etc. It’s a fun job. Ben volunteered, you should too.

-Council room: if you’re a director/council member who wanted access to it, you got it.

-Toboggan championships at Camden snowbowl are on Feb 6-8. We should probably send a team on our new toboggan…    Details:

-Banff Mountain film fest will be in Portland on the 8th and 9th. $14 gets you admission to see all kinds of cool outdoor/action sports movies.

-Rollodrome! Winter carnival is rolling into next week. We’re going to the ‘drome. Julia will send an email with the details.

-Adair has arranged a recycling bin for the Eroom! Good stuff.


-Van to Sunday River or Loaf on Saturday with Alex Moskovitz. Email coming soon.

-Sasha and I are going to the lean-to. All are welcome. Email Sasha for details.

-Sasha is going to Pineland for a walk on Friday morning. Let her know if you want to go.

-Graham wants to do another learn to ski day. Stay tuned for details.

-Learn to tele trip sometime next month from Tele-guru Moskovitz.

-Julian Brill is going scallop farming. With scuba gear?! Next month sometime. If you’re scuba certified, you can go. That sounds really cold and really awesome.


-$ for people to rent skis at Lost Valley for Graham’s class.

-Toboggan. We’re getting a new one from LL Bean.

-Thule ski racks – Passed.

-Ski Tuning gear for E Room – Passed.


-Ben: (he got an invisible patch) Family trip to a cabin in Washington. They hiked up to a fire tower. On the way down they lost the trail in the snow. Dad sends it over snow covered trail. Rain starts. It gets dark. Then they witnessed a nighttime deer birth. Whoa.

-Ezra: Grandparents visited last semester. Grandpa’s false teeth fell out part way while driving on highway. They were dangling out of his mouth and all of the dentists in the area were closed. St. Mary’s said they don’t do dental work, but they would look at it anyway. A very young and nervous nurse went in there with pliers and yanked the teeth out. Then they all went out for dinner.

-Justin: (also for an invisible patch) Sailing from Martha’s vineyard to Newport, RI. Rudder snaps off just outside the harbor in the middle of a regatta. Race stops and they get a free tow in.

-Paul: Flyfishing during study hall (Badass) in Byron, ME. They whipped up there in the Honda Odyssey after struggling to get it off the ice in the school lot. No luck fishing, but they ran into some gold miners (They drove through a time warp somewhere along the way). Next they went exploring down some old roads and found some brook trout.

-Chris: (invisible patch to you, too) Working out in the wilderness over the summer. Lots of roadkill in the area. Girl driving hits a rattlesnake and then a jackrabbit. Once back at the park, the driver slamed the brakes just before a mother black bear with cubs.

-Pardo: More snowlerblading. Just an hour ago. Four adventurous BOCers took a final Skill and Grill descent down “The D” with lots of skin snowing. K-Deng apparently shot fireworks out of his, uhh, hot dog that he got from the grill.

-Alex: There’s a business called Barbaric Dentistry, fun fact. Sunday River has two new glades. One is called Hollywood on Barker. Apparently it’s good.

-Katie: Eroom smoothies were made in November. One was saved in a water bottle. It’s still in the Eroom (is anyone surprised?). Apparently people smell it. That’s weird.

Sorry if I missed anything.