BOC Minutes 3/11/15



-Hi Christana and the rest of the Campus Culture crew.

-Turn off the lights in the meeting room!

-Koby (3 announcements)

  1. Climbing “comp” at Colby on April 3rd. It’ll be mellow and fun.

  2. (Self promotion) – photo project. He wants to take pictures of people holding what they would take from their house if it were burning down. Talk to him if you’re interested. He does great tasteful nudes too.

  3. WOTD: Picnic stop – a no hand rest rest while climbing. Ex: “Better pack the sandwiches for this route, there is a sweet place to picnic stop up there.”

-Audrey- Bruno says that the fishing rods came.

-Kristin: if you are 21+ there is a group trying to start a brewing club on campus. Find Dylan Ray to sign a petition to help make it happen.

-Josh: Ski the East “Working for the Weekend” series will be shown tomorrow with a couple rad Bates alums. There will be free food. In carnegie 204, reception at 6, show at 6:30.

-BOC Banquet will be on April 8th.

-Position nominations for next year will be held next week. Start thinking about who you want to nominate for different positions.

-Noel: E Room director is a full year position. The current directors make a recommendation for the next ones. Talk to Noel and Ian if you think you are interested.

Quote: “I take eye closure very seriously” -Hannah Goldberg


$150 for directors room couches- Passed

$60 for lots o’ chalk- Passed

$363 for two ore pairs of Petzl Lynx crampons- Passed.

Proposed Gear:
(hope ya’ll are down with the new amendment. Remember to read these and come to the next meeting ready to vote. If you have specific questions, email the people who proposed the gear and remember that you don’t have to be afraid to vote against things. If something you propose doesn’t get passed remember that you can reevaluate and modify your proposal and resubmit it!)
Bryan Lehrer:
$600 for GoPro 4 Black w/ 64gig card.
Never used, got as a gift and don’t need it, can’t return it. I’ll talk about this at the meeting, but if the BOC wants I can bring AESOP in on the deal to cover some of the cost.
Will Bryer:
$500 ($250 Per set) for 1 or 2 more sets of avy gear (Beacons, probes, and shovels). Also looking for cheaper used gear from NOLS to lower price a bit.
I’d like to make a gear proposal for next week. I’ve heard it’s been contentious in the past, but I want to propose 1-2 more sets of avalanche beacons, probes and shovels.
I’m proposing this because I did a personal trip two weekends ago to Tucks’s, and am doing another trip to Gulf of Slides this weekend, and I couldn’t open either of these trips up to the club because I couldn’t get enough beacons together for anymore than two people, so I could only bring two friends. Same thing looks like its going to happen this week unfortunately.
I’d be able to lead trips into way cooler terrain more often for the club with more beacons and rescue equipment.
I’d also like to offer up some sort of snow rescue for beginners type of class along with the proposal so more people are familiar with how to use them, which I would volunteer my time to teach.


-Noel- Beginner XC ski trip to Lost Valley soon. Let him know if you want to help teach.

-Kristen- Ice climbing beginner trip this saturday. People who have not been yet take the priority

-Will Bryer: Gulf of Slides trip on Saturday.

-Pat Tolosky: This weekend or next (weather dependent) the tent will be set up on Mt. David. This is to show people how to not burn it down so they can use it in the future. Email Pat if you’re interested.

Knots by Koby: Today we learned the double bowlin. WOW!

Amendment Vote. We need a ⅔ majority- Passed.


-Caroline worked on a bison ranch in Colorado this past summer. There was an eating herd from which the unlucky ones would get chosen. She was riding a horse that couldn’t canter with two young British boys. The bison get herded through a gate, Caroline goes to try to shut the gate, but the bison came back and chashed through several fences. The next week was spent repairing fences.

-Adam, Noel and several others went to the trail stewardship summit last weekend. Katie talked to someone at Baxter State Park. They are looking to advance their relationship with Bates students (a little trail work, etc. for some free campsites, weekends, etc.). Also, there is a practitioner taught short term in the works with someone from the MEAT. Noel: there was a raffle where the BOC one a new axe, handsaw, MEAT maps, a guidebook, and a trail maintenance guide book.

Kristina, Pat, and Keenan from the Campus Culture Committee stopped by to talk to us/gather feedback, criticism, ideas on how to improve the changes going on at Bates.

Here is the official amendment for those who were not at the meeting:

Amendment III In addition to an in-person proposal submitted at least one week in advance of the date of voting, which will remain one week later than the date gear is proposed as outlined by Section VI of Article XIV, a proposer of gear must also submit, either in typewritten form or by email, the proposed cost, location of purchase, and potential benefits of said gear to the Secretary prior to the end of the meeting at which they will propose the gear in person. It is the Secretary’s duty to send a collated email in which each gear proposal is outlined and potentially a link, if the gear is to be purchased online, provided. The collated list may either be separate from, or incorporated in, the meeting minutes.