BOC Minutes 3/9/16

Hello Puffins,
Here are your minutes and a lot of links that are all worth clicking on, except for 1.
Prez Julez welcomes one and all, and guests! Who count as all.
Julia – Sarah w/ Overland! Looking to hire wonderful leaders and she sure knows where to look for ’em. Looking for a handful more trip leaders for this summer. It’s like AESOP but for longer and with liability. Met up after meeting. Email Overland for emails.
Eve Maxson – Organizing new Bates Cycling Club, here to talk about collaboration with BOC. At the moment, looking for $450 in funding to help with first race. Discussion ensues, result, $450 is awarded to be distributed among many members over several races, preferably not all used for the first race. FMI on cycling club, talk to Eve Maxon –
Judy! – Here to inquire about BatesStars, extending the deadline for another few weeks. BatesStar: noun. 1. A Batesie hired by the school to assist with alumni weekend. Duties entail setup for events, leading outings, eating free food, getting paid, and golf-carting drunk alumni around.
Dana “taking on the D” Cohen-Kaplan – EcoReps are beginning to think about EcoService Day (May 21st! Save the date!). This year, idea came up of a Mt. D theme, looking at projects like trail work, blazes, Frye St. side accessibility, taking down that shitty fence, trash/glass pickup, signage, and general publicity and TLC for the underutilized resource. If interested in helping to organize this or other EcoService Day projects, contact Philip Dube (, Sophia Thayer (, or Dana Cohen-Kaplan ( to get on a list of people that will get emailed and maybe be shared on google things.
also, lol
Tess – Evan’s Notch this weekend, dope spot. Beginner friendly, hiking, hammocking, snacks. John Ricatto is interested if she has spots available. Look back in time for an email.
Nate Realtock – Climbing at Tumbledown Dick this weekend. Whoa, did not see that one coming! Look for an email in past entitled TD Dick (Toronto Dominion Dick).
Jordan Kragle – April Break climbing trip, maybe Red River Gorge, maybe open house @ Libbey road (ft. broken bidet) for easy Rumney access. Carrots peeled for emails.
Miles Lamberson – Lost Valley Snodeo on Sunday, always a good time. Pond skimming, chili cookoff, and probably beer. If interested, talk to George Merrill if you can find him.
Julia – Assault on Acadia (debate concerning connotations of assault ensued, we’ll just call it the Acadia trip for now) first weekend after break (April 30th). Looking to reach out to other clubs, gonna reach out to the OIE, FemCo, other demographic-focused groups involved. If you have an idea of a group that might be interested, let us know! BOC is organizing folks willing to lead trips.  Also, looking like there will be an OIE collaboration on a day trip the following weekend. We’ll keep y’all posted.
Sam proposing $500 for booties, gloves, hoods, and wetsuits for smurfing. Season coming, look under mushrooms. Last booties went missing, were allegedly eaten like groceries.  Passes! Larger conversation on nature of boat barn access to be coupled with purchase. PSA: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you have a boat barn key and you don’t need it, give it back.  Suzy Nattress is just tryna do her job, but she’ll kick ass and take names if she has to.
Dude – Not particularly a skier in any respect, gone 4-5 times at Camden snowbowl. High School OC got people interested going to Sugarloaf. Dude struggled for a bit. Got over to King Pines where the big kids ski the tough trails. Went fine for a bit, not super great. Ran into OC directors, who figured he was just as good as the other people skiing with, lead all down sketch trail. Found out later that the trail was called Misery Whip, explains the terrain. If he had known it was called that, probably would have turned him away. Couldn’t slow down, looked like this. Sent it on his stomach with one ski dragging for most of the way down. Hiked back up to find the other one, picked his way down eventually. Has just now overcome lingering wariness of outing clubs.
Ethan “can probably do lots of cool things and driving is not one of them” Simon – Potential mtn biking trip to Highland Mtn Biking park. Look for email. –> Now has to tell a story because it’s story time: When he was 7, older brother and friend on winter walk, convinced him to pee on his shoes in the cold to warm them up. Was about 10 degrees, they froze quickly, long, frozen pee-shoe walk home. Brother got a hearty laugh out of it, but now feels bad.
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