BOC Minutes 3/30/16

Hello products of your genetics and prior experiences,
Welcome to procrastination central.
Cooler than peeing your pants
Tonight are nominations for positions! In google spreadsheet (see below), people can e-nominate or take themselves off. Self-nominations encouraged (#selflove). Nominations close Sunday night. Next week we will have erections, voting done through google forms, so we can make cool graphs. Come to next week’s meeting to hear speeches for bigger positions (Council members, including Supreme Dictator For Life (SDFL), Vice SDFL, Embezzler in Chief, Secretary of Tomfoolery, and Head Eroom Trolls). E-blurbs (yum) will be accepted for smaller positions.
See gnominations here:
Judy! – Vote for Goodspeed Sawyer awards. Will close very soon! If you haven’t voted yet, see my last email.
Dana – Does anyone want these chicken wings? Because Den Dave hooks it up. Nate does. Jordan wants my mozz sticks but he can’t have ’em.
George “the Legend (editor)” Merrill – Waiting for Legend submissions! Write stuff about trips, send it in! Still waiting for first submission. Publish online? Directors should feel a leetle bit of pressure to submit stuff, but we won’t make you.
Editorial – The Legend is a strong, longstanding tradition that can always get stronger. We have devoted editors in George and his crew, so use ’em! Great chance to showcase to the Bates Community that we’re badass and do stuff but are also zany. Like a tuxedo t-shirt. So submit! Can be a short blurb, a few pictures, something longer, anything.
2015 Edition – Thanks George!
2009 Edition
Thorn  – Please try to clean workbench in Eroom after using it, because “I’m not your f*cking mom”. Just kidding he didn’t say that. But he could have. Thorn cleaned it this time, but next time, you’re grounded. Actually tho, kind of a Tumbledown Dick move to leave it a mess.
Rick – Marine Science prof. from Colby (hsssssssss) wants to start ocean sailing club (*retract hssssss*). How should we help out and gauge interest? Reach out to Sailing Club, science depts, tell yo franz. Anyone want to help build it? Consensus on “that’s wicked cool, so maybe”.
Eli “energetic freshman” Nixon – He got a sticker making machine! Will make BOC stickers! Interest in purchasing, probs about a dollar? Resounding “yes absolutely”. I chirped him because that’s cooler than anything I’ve done here.
Jordan – Climbing comp at Colby this Saturday! Separate beginner, women’s, men’s, and people who know what “choking the cobra” means (it’s a climbing term, get your mind out of the gutter) brackets. Oh! And prizes! Yay!
Judy (!) – MATC coming and meeting here (actual BFD). Dining services would like a couple of point-people to facilitate communication. April 9. If interested in hobnobbing with the likes of the MATC, contact Judy!
Medical Miles – WFR front looking good for $$ from the Bates gov. WFR folks: Czechs or cash made out to the Bates Outing Club by Friday please.
Julia – Outdoor gear swap coming up! Time to assess the past season’s damage and re-up for das shumma. Orono, April 10th. Ears out FMI.
George – Canoes need some TLC, are in sorry condition. Short term project/work trip/workshop – canoe repair! Could use new benches, sealed hulls. Trailers also don’t look so hawt, inspection stickers and tail light wiring. Because they’re barely legal/not legal. All best to do before we sink/are fined.
“it’s up to the delegates”
Nate Blipknock – Shagg Crag and Shell pond this weekend, sendy not spendy, peer back into history for email with details.
Rick – Some waves coming this weekend. Let Sam know if you want to snurf and have a whip to share.
Tess – Time to shake of the March Farts/seasonal depression/finals induced sedentary lifestyle and go trail running in Riverlands (State Park! In Auburn!)! Look for a kneemale.
Dana – Will take finals weekend-length trip to Garcelon Bog exploration. 15 minutes-ish (apparently generous), may try to secure waders for expedition to improve mobility. May also turn into Thorncrag shtroll if we can’t get our fix. Eyes out for eyeballs.
Dan Willsend – Weather dependent trip to Shagg, possibly snow? In which case to da slopes. Email inbound.
Thurn – Pond skimming, April 9th at Sugarloaf. Dust off your fatties, because they sure didn’t make it out this season.
Sasha – If you’re thinking about this ^^, talk to l’squash. Night of 9th at condo at Sugarloaf, BOC people welcome!
Julia – Ongoing clambake debate, talked about it last week. Lower key this year? Range Pond? Do something with CHC? Perslaps start another tradition? George does not like spring clambake. Benefits of Spring Clambake include accessibility and openness to wider bates community. Survey will be sent out, propose other ideas if you’ve got em. Shall vote on it, make a decision. Yay democracy!
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Con amor,
Bitter Fidel
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