BOC Minutes 1/11/17

Hello Babies,
Minutes (1/11/17):
Sarg blows the horn, beautifully and loudly, to begin the first meeting back from break.
Chris: Won’t be physically present as Parliamentarian at meetings because he made other commitments, but before we strip him of his title, he has presented us with an annotated copy of  BOC Constitution . Any questions or concerns regarding the Constitution can be addressed in binder. Thanks Chris.
Tess: Confusion around if this is a trip/ announcement, but Ragnar Race, 200 mile relay race. “super fun, super cool”. If we register now and we get discount. Walk, jog, run  3 -10 miles. No official commitment, but email Tess if you’re interested.
Kurt: “Did that once”
Ben “Just do it.”
Nate: Lost Valley is free. Negotiations were successful. How does one obtain a free pass? “Literally just go there.”
In addition, Nate has reserved the student activity van every Thursday 5:30-8pm. (yayyaya shuttle to LV) And is attempting to reserve every weekend day. Oddly enough security is not too stoked on that, but he’ll keep us updated.
Oh, and Tall Boy Fridays at 4pm. Every Friday. All invited. Come enjoy your favorite macrobrews, play stump, and use tools.
Miles: ERoom all out of skis. Sowey (see: Gear to see how we are remedying this situation)  And he sent out a survey about WOOFER: recertification/ class. “People like it.” Will be held during short term. Confused about the difference between EMT vs. WOOFER ask SAFETY MILES.
Dani (meh): Let’s talk about privilege and the outdoors!!! Some ideas from Midd kids about making the outdoors more inclusive, while checking your privilege: co-sponsored trips, more chilling trips, prof/student panels.  Email me with all/any ideas, or if you want to talk about intersectionality in relation to the wilderness ; ) )
Nate: Back in his presidency drafted email for other clubs about BOC as resource: volunteer club members, logistical support. Let’s send that shit.
Aud (Dre): If anyone has connection to other clubs bring up BOC as resource.
Noel: Every council member can have access to this room, and random room across hall. Keep eye out for google doc to get access.
Aud: Wants directors more active in club. 5 min mini lesson: anything/ something accessible, tangible. Start each meeting with that. Who wants to take that on?
Sarg: Volunteered himself to organize mini lesson.
Nate is making calendar for Winter Carnival , but here’s a shitty version for now.
Sunday: Winter camping at lean-to (leave at 4 or 5pm, email Sarg)
Monday: Attend MLK day events
Tues: traying in the afternoon, 5:30pm syrup on snow, rail jam/ skill and grill
Wed: nordic skiing noon, winter themed yoga at 1pm, pond hockey/broom ball
Thursday: snow shoe 2pm Thorncrag (email Ethan and Thorn), Cooking Comp, skating at Underhill
Friday: puddle jump
what’s the difference between snow shoeing and walking? pls explain.
Eli: Let’s understand the idea behind rail jam/ skill and grill so we all on the same page. It’s moved behind Smith because of facilities. They’re nervous about the D. We are getting two nice rails from Mt. Abe and a bunch of prizes. You don’t have to be super good to participate, prizes will be slung. (insert pun about WOOFERs) There will be “safety incase you case yourself.’ Oh and hot chocolate. Sorry it’s “not as core” Greg Fitzgerald has promised real skill and grill behind 280 in Feb.
Noel: Google sheet for winter carnival sign up. Pls volunteer.
Audrey: Oh and Torch Run,  perfect training for Ragnar run (see: aforementioned Ragnar Race). 10 miles from lean to to bates. Trade offs, segments, send email to Audrey if you’re down.
Bruno: Will there be a Twea keg?
I apologize for my terrible mistake, whom knew I was suppose to be saving gear proposals. It won’t happen again my friends. Anyways, Miles was on it.
Miles is a “Homewrecker” and is bad at math.
$700 sleeping bags = passed
$480 tents = passed
$528 Eroom setup = passed
Miles: “we want to be fancy/hipster” to charge people for gear. We’re all assholes who lose/ steal gear, so this will help this. (we got our budget slashed and audited last year)
Will (TIT): Can we keep the bags until system is in place? Wonderful point. We shall do that.
Bruno: Where’s the yurt? Why did we pass that?
Nate: Ordered wrong bindings, but we good now.
$400 to mount all skis = passed
We out here.
Audrey: Skiing Sugarloaf Friday, Saturday, Sunday (maybs Sunday River on Sunday)
Nathan: Thursday 5:30pm LV, duh he has the van every Thursday.
Will: Saturday, sugarloaf, might be spots so email him.
Chris: Thursday 6:15pm LV, two spots
Aud: Feb 12-13 BANFF. Working on activity vans (maybe she should check in with Nate, he seems on it.) $14. get tickets now. Chase can also drive !
Ben (ex-varsity athlete): Intro nordic skiing. He will send email.
Chris: Won jacket in raffle. Exciting.
Ben: Over break “unpleasant surprise.” Going nordic skiing, indian meal night before. Port-o-potty lines busy all day. Went off trail because line was long. Have to duck walk to get aggressive stance nordic skiing (first lesson in his intro ski series), made “x” with skis, shit on skis.