BOC Meeting Minutes 10/31

Sarge blows the horn, Miles brings meeting to order in BOC meeting room in chase hall, welcomes anyone who may be new to meetings!


Ronan- wonderful weekend of thuuunderstorms except sunday morning which is supposed to be clear and bright, 381 ft summit of mt david for sunrise!!! Probably around 6am on sunday which may not be ideal for recovery time. Will send out email and meet behind 280 at 6am.


-he is going to eastern snow and avalanche science workshop this saturday in fryeburg maine, $25 for students should be vvery cool you will get free shit and lots of impt eastern snow folks will be there!!! Not a course, just a cool continuing ed or primer for winter

-Peter Griffin will be going over to the science workshop Saturday just for a day trip if u wanna catch a ride

-There IS avalanche danger in backcountry skiing!

-Abbott (Sarah)- 9pm tonight ladies climbing night!! Be there!


Grace Link and Haley Crim leading a trip this sunday from around 12-4:30 to salt pump which is an awesome climbing gym right outside. portland about 45 min away, a very beginner friendly climbing trip!! About $15 for student and extra for rentals, but you could check gear out from BOC e-room on friday! link to signup here

Zach Guion and Anna Mangum leading lonesome lake hut trip this weekend!! It’s full but if you wanna be on the waitlist hit them uppp.

Eli- 7 foot peaks going surfing this weekend maybe friday/saturday depending on weather

Some people are gonna go skiing! Ski season is opeennnn

WFA is this weekend! Saturday and Sunday. If you still need to pay, TALK TO MILES!!!

Announcement related to trips from Talia- if you don’t fill out the overnight trip approval form you can’t get reimbursed!!


Gear/money proposals

Gordon- bicycle hooks for hanging up the BOC mountain bikes in the E-Room. They come in packs of 8 (we have 6 bikes but may expand OR these could easily hang other types of gear), and are $13.89 on Amazon. It passes!!!

Zach- $812 for four 6-person front country tents from moosejaw. Discussion of a new tent return policy, each group returning a tent will need to set it up to make sure all parts are there. It passes.

-$65 for ski binding tools. passes

-$300 for this weekend’s lonesome lake trip, van gas. Passes.

-$600 for a touring set-up including skis (Volkl BMT 90s, 177cm), Marker Kingpin tech bindings, Scarpa Boots (size 27.5 mondo) and Black Diamond climbing skins. Best for ppl height 5’8”-6’0”. Does not pass.


Tommy- is a TA for a geo class. Backstory, got giardia from katahdin weekend. Puked 50 times uncontrollable, lots of bad body things happening, finds these nice old ladies who thinks he has been poisoned, gets in an ambulance, they gave him an IV, then they put him on a plane, he posted some pics on insta, another ambulance, 5 hours in the hospital. Gave him a megadose of antibiotics. CLAPS for Tommy being a rad human and being able to laugh about it, we <3 u

Parker- half an hour ago a friend of his repelled off the balcony in FPL, have been planning this for a couple days, parker had to talk to security guard to keep him from noticing!!! Snaps for getting after it, even indoors