BOC Meeting Minutes 10/2/2019


Thanks everyone for coming to this week’s meeting. Enjoy the minutes. See you next week Wednesday at 6:30 for another meeting!

Yours Faithfully,

Andrew Berg



The BOC Meeting Room


Here’s the scoop: The BOC is no longer meeting every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the outdoors (library quad). The Outing Club has begun its hibernation and retreated into the warm, well-lit meeting room. We are now a club that appreciates the outdoors from the safety and comfort of the indoors. Outdoor meetings shall resume when it gets lighter, warmer, and drier. (Probably short term).

Max blows the Shofar and everyone stands to applaud. 

Danielle and Maggie introduce themselves. 

Anyone have any announcements? 


Hannah: Wilson house has a queen size foam pad it’s outside Wilson house in a clean trash can if anyone wants it??

Maggie: got mine from the same trash can! 

Ronan: We are switching around e-room hours this week. From 7 to 8 tonight we have e-room hours. No hours on friday, all gear due friday is now due monday. Send ronan an email with any questions! 

Dylan: I am sort of new to the BOC. But there is a group of third graders at Montello that are working with people at Thorncrag to get a nature walk going. Seems like a cool opportunity for BOC folks to hang out in Thorncrag and also walk around nature. Send Dylan an email if you’re interested (

Megan: Collectively, Peter and I make up the hikes and trips director. We sent an email out today asking for leaders for the trip to Baxter State Park (you can hike Katahdin!) . Three trips going, two people leading a trip, 12 leaders total. 12th and 13th of Oct. Anyone can sign up to lead ! Doesn’t matter if you’re van cert or WFA or whatever. Fill it out. !!!

Josh: Beer and bun mile run. It’s going to be really fun. You drink beer and eat hot dogs and run a mile vaguely in the outdoors. Here’s the facebook link:

Megan: Run club has its own beer mile on the track. It’s super fun. 

Adam: BOC is having a centennial planning dinner on Friday at 6:30 in upstairs commons. If you’d like to participate (and you should!) hit up Adam or Danielle or Maggie for more info. ( or or

Danielle: Advance is not tonight. It’s too wet and cold (the BOC appreciates the indoors sometimes). It will be next week! Advance is like the normal meeting (and meeting time) Wed at 6:30 but it takes place in Greene maine. We provide transportation, dinner, and s’mores. It’s at the lean-to. And there’s a work trip beforehand if you haven’t done your work trip led by Signe. Look out for emails!!!!!!

Danielle: if you have photos send them to SECRETARY ANDREW BERG ( Look out for this week’s photos! IN THIS MINUTES!!!! 


Robyn Moss using Will Green as a proxy: I am interested in doing a canoeing trip over break. An email will be sent out. Two day canoeing trip down the androscoggin. Check out the email when it gets sent!

Adam: Work trip this Sunday to the Bates section of the AT! 8 miles of total hiking with some light trail work. Form was sent out. Will be getting back in time for dinner in commons but kinda late depends on how long we are out there for. 

Jin: potentially another sunrise paddle next friday. HERE ARE the PICS FROM LAST WEEK’S SUNRISE PADDLE:


Max: $15 for two extension cords for the climbing wall in merrill. PASSES with three votes against it which is just wowow

Adam: Needs to rent a van and gas for the AT work trip. However much that is. PASSES

Jin: This Sunday trip to Fryeburg fair. Need $150 for admissions and gas. PASSES

Danielle: 20 canoe, multipurpose, canoeing, surf board strapping, kayak straps $150 total PASSES

Andrew and Jasper: $2000 for SCOTIA beginner surfing trip PASSES 

Will: Gear/announcement we are missing about five or six skirts from the shred barn/e-room that went missing over short term. If anyone stumbles across them, please let Will know! There were some in the e-room and some in the shred barn. Only three left. Majority were in the e-room. 



Charlotte: This past summer, I hiked the 100 mile wilderness. I was taking a shorter day and came in early to the lean-to with this old guy curled up in the back of the lean-to. His face was all bloody but my WFA training came in clutch! I patched up his entire head and made up an iodine solution and he left the next morning 100% fine! He had hiked by himself and lost balance and hit his head on the rock but now he’s A-OK. Charlotte gets a patch! 

Elise: I went to Acadia when I was ten and climbed mount cadillac. We made it to the top and my dad ran down the mountain. As soon as he left we saw people in suits and walkie talkies walking around and it was the secret service and prez obama was walking around cadillac and i got to shake their hands and took pictures and my dad is at the bottom of the mountain during all of this! Elise gets a patch! 

Bryce: Also Acadia. My name is bryce and i ran cross country and my first run at Bates was in acadia. I really had to poop so i went a little off trail and found this ditch. There was a tree so i figured i would lean off of this tree and poop into the ditch. Im leaning, putting all my weight on it, I uproot it, my pants are off, I fall into the ditch right onto my back — no pants — hugging a dead tree. Bryce gets a patch!

Jesse: AESOP Acadia story. There’s the tradition about the maine pineapple on aesop where you go on the trip and hide a pineapple in the dirt and then you take it out and say “look what i found it grew here.” so after a long day of biking we went to south beach with two other aesop groups there. I buried the pineapple all perfectly with the tuft sticking out like a bush. My co-leader essie is from Maine and got on board and now we have like 25 people coming over and two of them dig it out and it’s just this huge pineapple and everyone was so excited with only like one or two skeptics! It was local news-worthy and there will be a newspaper and we gotta take a picture with it. We took a picture of a human pyramid with the pineapple at the top. 

Vaughn: On my aesop, franconia 1, first day, my sleeping bag kept hitting me on my face so I tightened the straps and tucked it in there. We get to camp and then we realize my sleeping bag is gone. Look for it, can’t find it. Some old hiker guy comes over, drops the sleeping bag down, says “is this someone’s sleeping bag”, and keeps walking. Vaughn gets a patch! 

Lauren: Last short term milly and i were hiking in the whites. We were suddenly not on the trail and lost in the pemi woods. There’s just waist deep snow and we had to bushwhack. We finally find the trail, we walk on the trail for a little while and see a man who is vlogging who speaks to the camera and says loudly “IVE COME ACROSS TWO LOST GIRLS.” He tells us to go back the way we came and we say “no” and he keeps speaking into his camera and we keep going to the parking lot super easily. But we are probably on youtube somewhere now!! Lauren gets a patch! 


From maggie: