BOC Meeting Minutes 11/12/2019

Hi,Thanks for coming out tonight everyone! Enjoy the minutes.
Your Friend,Andrew~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Meeting Minutes


BOC Meeting Room

6:30 PM

A pre-meeting inquiry: Would you rather give up all desserts or only eat desserts for the rest of your life? We discuss the health implications of both choices. Andrew would give up desserts. He is in the minority…… 🙁


Will: Two announcements. First, Children of Midnight tonight (Wednesday 11/6) at 11:15 pm. Meet outside the loading dock behind Chase Hall and bring a bike if you have one!! We will have a little course around campus and we’re gonna try to get people fries afterwards from the den. BOC funded fries, so therefore free to all children of the night/participants. 

Annabel: Bring a bike and your friends and come it’ll be fun!

Ronan: If you need to pay me for WFA meet me in the e-room after this. (Sorry Ronan, but by the time these minutes are sent out, the meet-up time will have passed. Hope the money exchange went well!)

Will: Second announcement: There’s a lot of old stuff in the constitution that we need to modernize. I was hoping to just talk about it with some groups of people, hopefully younger members of the club could get involved because this affects you most directly. Email and let’s figure something out.

Emma: We cleaned out the e-room and noticed that the stump is getting old. My dad could get us a new stump if we want. If there’s interest, we can totally do it! 

Everyone: yeah, that’d be pretty good

Judy: if anyone who is good at powerpoints or video making, let me know and we can put something together for the 100th anniversary of the BOC.


WIll: $20 for fries at the den. For all the hungry midnight children. PASSES

Maggie: Hiking this Saturday for fall fest. Need a van. $100 or fewer for gas and vans for this weekend. PASSES


Danielle: This Friday at 4:00 in the Ronj these two students from Midd are hosting a very very cool event called “Starting a Wild Hometown Movement in Lewiston, ME.” The Wild Hometown Movement is kickstarting place-based environmental groups that empower college students, K-12 youth, and community conservation partners to discover the wild places in our communities and protect them for future generations. 

Andrew: Hi sorry I forgot to mention this in the meeting but also this FRIDAY at 5:15 in OLIN 104 there is a screening of Woman at War — a critically acclaimed film about an environmental activist from Iceland. It is witty, feel-good, and has some really really gorgeous shots of the Icelandic outdoors. This showing is a part of the Bates Film Festival. Come thru! Free and open to the public! 

Maggie: Check the fall-fest calendar for other trips going out during the week! I email them every morning. 

Now, we introduce Marisa. 

Marisa Melnick: I want to show you a slideshow of pictures of what I like to do in the outdoors! It’s an homage to the blue ridge mountains. 

Had the opportunity to spend 1.5 years in Brevard, North Carolina. Beautiful outdoor playground. Fun fact: blue ridge mountains called that because they always have a blue tint like a watercolor picture because it is so densely populated with deciduous trees that there is so much oxygen being created that the air’s chemistry is altered. (sorry for the run-on sentence, Marisa, I was typing fast.) Blue ridge mountains are also more accessible and approachable and every mountain has these sweet vistas (shows us some sweet vistas). Worked for a semester program for an outdoor academy here.

 Love the outdoors because it lets you bring a bunch of people to the space and they can connect and build community. I also really love rivers, even the chill and not-so-gnarly ones. Slab climbing is also a fun new thing I got to learn about and learn to love! There’s such cool foliage in North Carolina. Most importantly, there were people with me who I loved to share it with! It makes me really happy to do these sorts of things with people in the outdoors.

 But why did I leave? To be here! I am the coordinator of outdoor programs at Bates — I work here! The job has not existed before. Basically, I work with the BOC leaders (I don’t want to run the club though) to manage risk appropriately, to support the student leaders in providing programming that is accessible to everyone, provide exciting leadership opportunities (I love teaching in the outdoors), working in the office of campus life so I am the connection between the club and the administration — hopefully my role is to ease that tension between worlds a little bit. If anyone has questions, let me know! Email me at or stop by the office of campus life in Chase Hall 108 which is to the right of the Purposeful Work Interview rooms on the first floor.

Jin: How do we reach you?

Marisa: I work tues, wed, thurs. I am always available by email and I am happy to meet with you formally or if you just pop by I would love to chat. Many of the directors have my phone number so that can be a communication channel as well. 

Annabel: We should do names!

Marisa: Yes, definitely. I work here because I want to exist with you all! Hopefully you’ll start to see me at things. 

We do names, class years, pronouns, and fun outdoor activity that we like. 


Annabel: Eli and I were hiking Old Speck and we were on our way back down. There was this amazing couple with two dogs and it was really scared of my beanie (this is irrelevant). We hear this speaker going and someone is hiking up in full Bates gear. And then I see MIlly Detels and Chole and Sam (the one with the full Bates gear). It’s getting dark and cold because it’s 3:30 but Milly and Chloe are both wearing shorts and about to watch the sunset! We say “oh well” and keep hiking down. At one point on our drive back we pass this 3-mile hiking loop and see like 7 rescue cars all popping off. We get scared that this is Chloe, Milly, and Sam (in full Bates gear).. Luckily, Milly and Chloe turn around because Chloe’s headlamp was dead. Everyone was okay in the end! 

Milly: We had one headlamp and we had to slip down the entire mountain but we made it back in time for the dance. 

Annabel: Advice: bring headlamps and mico spikes and batteries if you hike basically any time after 3:30. 

Owen: This is a classic sailing story at the end of the BOC meeting. A good friend of mine named Jack and I were gonna train for a regatta around Portland, ME. Get our sailing up to snuff. Beautiful day, heavy winds. Really nice people around here. A guy tells us we have to take a test to rent boats and we get certified without taking any information from us. They take the boat out and the boat’s like almost sideways because the wind is blowing so hard. I say, let’s put up the third sail because we can go fast. Jack: Don’t do that. Me: Send it. I put the third sail up. We’re going really fast, having a great time. But then we are at a bad angle to the wind. Suddenly we hear the deep belch of a cruise ship horn far too close to us. And then behind us is a harbor master yelling at us to get out of the way. Thankfully we crossed the bow of the cruise ship by like 50 yards and sailed off into the sunset without any big issues. 


Acadia trip:

Okay so I was given access to this big folder with like hundreds of really radical pictures from the Acadia trip so I chose four randomly. Don’t hate me if you weren’t featured pls.