BOC Meeting Minutes 9/18/2019

Hi! Here are the minutes from the meeting yesterday. Enjoy! 
Your Hard-Working yet Underappreciated Secretary, Andrew Berg

Meeting Minutes


6:30 pm 

The Library Quad

Typically punctual president Danielle walks in late but we forgive her. We then play a really fun icebreaker game where we each get into small groups and find the kookiest fact about ourselves that we have in common. Come to a BOC meeting to find out what those kooky facts are!


Judy: Centennial meeting during parents’ weekend on Oct. 4th. If you didn’t know already, 2020 is the BOC’s 100th anniversary! Woohoo! Snaps! We want to have a celebration all through the entire year. If anyone is free Oct. 4th at 6:30 in commons, please come to the meeting and we will start putting a plan together for the year. 

Danielle: Thanks to everyone for coming to clambake! We had well over 200 people show up, so YAY!

More Danielle: Climate march in portland that they are sending bus Friday at 11 am! Info below:

Jin: Bringing back sunrise paddling! Jin just got his US license and will drive USAV vans. Last year was a blast and don’t touch the water because lake auburn water is really valuable and pure and us humans are dirty but do come and watch the sunrise on a beautiful lake. 

Alex Platt: We have e-room hours tonight from 7:30 to 8:30. Come check it out — it’s a really cool space! It’s over there (Alex points to behind Chase Hall through the doors with the BOC logo on them). 

Danielle: The climbing wall has been reset in Merrill! Snaps. It’s fresh. Go check it out if you have the chance. 


Andrew: We are trying to restart the beginner surfing trip to Nova Scotia trip over october break. Jasper Beardslee and I will be running this shindig and if you are interested in helping lead it or have questions, email An interest survey will go out on the listserv sometime very soon.

Adam: This Friday he’s leaving around 11 am to go bouldering at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownall, Maine. 

Talia: If anyone wants to make the e-room more noticeable please email Talia! Artistic people let me know! 

Will: what if we just chalked the path from commons and then covered it with tarps

Talia: that’s an idea

Jin: If you want someone to talk to, please reach out to CAPS or the multi-faith chaplaincy! 

Emma: We should do a CO2 audit of the trips that we send out! It would be cool and would be developed to figure out our emissions as a club. Reach out to emma if you have any ideas as to how we can improve. 


Associate Professor of History Joe Hall: $100 for USAV vans and such for a trip to Sugar Island PASSES 


Danielle: A couple weekends ago I was climbing with some other BOC folks. We were all hiking together and saw Clayton Spencer and I said “Clay clay!” She may or may not have heard me.

Will: Was climbing with Danielle and Abbott and Ashka and they were like 1.75 hours away. There was a big wedding party next to us. These two older dudes showed up and they had Bates connections. They left and then came back. Will was on this route and was struggling. Then he feels this hand touching his back. It’s these Bates guys! Then they take multiple pictures and videos of Will and send the content to his wife. Will allegedly struggled on the climb but at least he did make new friends. 

Adam: Sam onion and I took a car from Dunedin, New Zealand to Castle Hill (5 hour drive). We drive up and spend the whole day there. We camp on the other side of this random bridge. The next morning some rangers come and Adam pretends to eat breakfast and they don’t arrest them for camping illegally. We then talk about the CD’s in the car (Helen) for way too long. 

Thanks for coming, y’all! See you next Wednesday at 6:30! <3