How to BOC

Welcome to Bates and the Bates Outing Club! The BOC is the best way for Bates students to get outside and explore all of the wonderful things there are to see in Maine and New England. Whether it’s hiking, paddling, climbing, surfing, camping, skiing, or just soaking in some fresh air, we do it all and if we don’t, YOU can see to it that we do.

Also for your own adventures we have a large and well stocked boat barn and equipment room where you can borrow sleeping bags, tents, skis, crampons…really anything outdoors related. And if we don’t have it, we can but it. The best part is that you can go on adventures, buy gear, and meet new people all for free.

Every member of the Bates College community is already a member of the Outing Club and able to access any of its resources, but we encourage you to participate and get involved at any level you so chose. So come to our meetings, meet your fellow outdoorsy peers, tell stories, lead trips, buy gear, become a part of the adventure! We are psyched to meet all of you and help you get outside.

The following information will help you understand how the Outing Club works and how you can take advantage of everything the club has to offer.

How do I go on a trip?

Easy. Just look for the emails being sent out to the outing club list serve and reply back to the trip leader. Once you’ve said you’re going on a trip, you’re committed barring sickness or alien abduction. You can also find out more about trips that are happening if you come to our meetings.

How do I check out gear?

The Equipment room is located right next to the Package Center and is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-5 pm. Once there our friendly E-room staff will help you select and check out gear. All you need is a $5 dollar deposit. For more technical gear, you need to run it by that sport’s director. Be sure to return gear that you’ve checked out within one week so that others might enjoy it as well.

How do I become a council member?

The Outing club council is the core voting body of the Outing Club. In order to become a council member you must attend three meetings, complete one work trip, and tell a story. Work trips are a great chance to help the club out and meet some of your peers and will be announced within the week preceding them.

You typically become a council member at advance; the third meeting of the year where everyone tells a story. There’s where you’ll receive your patch.

How do I purchase gear for the BOC?

Come to a meeting with a well researched gear proposal including price and a description of the item and pitch it to the council. It helps to have that sport’s director on your side but it’s not necessary. One week later, be there again when we vote and if your purchase is approved (which is likely) the Treasurer will discuss the purchasing process with you.

How do become a trip leader?

We’d like for everyone to be able to lead a trip but for safety’s sake you must first be an approved trip leader. First, you must be a council member. There are two types of trips-front country and back country. A front country trip might be going to the ski mountain or the beach, generally somewhere where professional medical help is readily available. To lead one of these trips you just need to be van certified. Backcountry trips include hiking, climbing, paddling… anything that takes you into the backcountry. To lead these types of trips you must be van certified and have some type of wilderness medical certificate. Once you have fulfilled these requirements, the Safety Director will give you a trip leader card and you can go exploring and lead trips for Bates students to enjoy. Don’t worry if you aren’t certified yet. Van classes are offered on a regular basis and we try to offer one WFA class a semester based on interest. Finally, you should never have too much trouble finding someone who is a trip leader to go on these trips with you.

How do I lead a trip?

Once you’re a trip leader we encourage you to lead as many trips as possible. Any successful trip starts with thorough research. If you need somewhere to start, consult your sport’s directors or other BOC members. Once you know where you’re going, come to a meeting before your trip and announce your idea. Then send out an email to the list serve announcing your trip. Note: make sure people who reply are adequately prepared.

To rent a van contact U-SAVE auto rental at 207 353 4136 and pick it up and drop it off as close to your trip as you can. You can arrange to be picked up by USAVE at Bates or follow these directions to get there: start on Campus Ave. going east with the Quad on your left. Stay on campus through Sabbattus St. to where it ends on East Ave. Turn right onto East Ave. and follow it until it ends on Lisbon St. Turn left down Lisbon Street and after five miles Larry Stewart’s U-SAVE will be on you right. You can’t miss it.

Lead your trip. Be confident and knowledgeable. Communicate with your trip members prior to the trip telling them what to bring, what to expect, and where and when to meet. Pay for everything yourself and SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS! When you get back give them to the treasurer and in a week you’ll get a check in the mail. That’s the best part, we pay for everything.

How do I become an officer?

If you show a lot of interest in the club and regularly come to meetings or are particularly skilled in some aspect or sport, around election time in December and April make it clear that you’re interested in being on the board and you will likely be nominated to be an officer. Once on the board you get to go to officer’s meetings and learn about all the behind the scenes stuff that makes our great club tick. If you would like to see who our officers are right now, use the Directors tab at the top of the page.

Things to know:

Email list serve: the BOC mailing list is the best place to find out about outdoorsy things going on at Bates. To get on it, sign up at a meeting or the activities fair, or visit and add yourself. Once on the list, you’ll receive emails and find out about trips, read meeting minutes, learn about mega pow dumps, events etc. Most emails are pretty funny. DO NOT abuse it. Any email you send out on the list serve may go out to as many as 1,000 people so don’t clutter their mail boxes. Also be sure when you reply to an email that the whole list serve doesn’t get it. Finally no selling things on the list serve. That’s reserved for Craig’s List.

E-Room: The BOC equipment room is open from 4-5 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You MUST come get your gear during these times. If you absolutely cannot make it, contact one of the E-room directors and arrangements can be made. To sign out technical gear you need to contact the appropriate director. The E-room is located right next to the Package Center.

Boat Barn: The Boat Barn is located on Frye St. between Hacker House and Moulton House. It is open by appointment only with one of the water sports directors.

Meetings: Unless otherwise noted meetings are held every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. The Meeting room is right next to the E-room, which is at the Chase Hall loading dock next to Muskie Archives. Meetings are where everything BOC is discussed including trips, gear, events, and stories. We love stories. We welcome everyone to join in the meetings!

Lean-to: The Outing Club Lean-to is a great escape to the woods just fifteen minutes away from campus. There you can relax by the campfire or camp out and escape from the stress of classes. Be respectful, pick up your trash and leave it as you found it. We want this place to be enjoyable for everyone who comes.