Public health policy update

Dear Bates Families –

Incoming and returning students have received an update on campus health protocols. Please encourage your students to read this information carefully as they plan for arrival.

For families considering attending Back to Bates: Family Day on October 2, 2021, as of today, we are still planning to host this event on campus. Registration is not yet open but we will have more details – including a schedule outline – for you shortly. Remember that attendees must follow all campus protocols in place at the time of the event and will be required to affirm their vaccination status and/or the fact that they have had a negative COVID test within three days of arrival on campus. Thank you for your patience as we ensure we can safely welcome so many guests to campus while protecting our students’ ability to enjoy the most robust on-campus experience possible this year.

Thank you for ensuring your students have a healthy arrival at Bates. We look forward to the energy they will bring to campus with them over the next few weeks.

Best from campus,
The Bates Parent Team