Civic Engagement / Service Learning


Award / Funder: Community Education and Civic Engagement Grants Program / National Council for Black Studies
Description: For projects in which Black / Africana Studies knowledge and skills are made available to local communities and that involve active engagement of faculty and students with community organizations or residents. Faculty affiliated with Black/Africana Studies units that are current NCBS institutional members for a minimum of one year are eligible to apply for these grants.
Deadline: Applications on a rolling basis

Award / Funder: Travelocity / Travel for Good Program – Change Ambassadors Grant
Description: Supports Americans who wish to travel to participate in volunteer opportunities (volunteer vacations). The program will help fund transportation and other costs of any trip organized by one of Travelocity’s volunteer travel provider partners for individuals or groups chosen on the merit of their applications (including financial circumstances) and their ability to meet the grant requirements. Grants will be awarded to people who have demonstrated long-term contributions through volunteering, but do not have the financial means to take a volunteer vacation. The grant requires applicants to select a trip as part of the application process.
Deadline: March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31

Award / Funder: Arts / Nathan Cummings Foundation
Description: Supports artistic practices, programs and policies that encourage cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaborations, and give voice to the issues and experiences of underrepresented communities, in order to build a stronger society.
Deadline: Invited proposals due August 15th, but Letters of Inquiry accepted any time

Award / Funder: Film Projects / All Roads Seed Grant Program / National Geographic
Description: Funds film projects by and about indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture filmmakers year-round and from all reaches of the globe. The program seeks filmmakers who bring their lives and communities to light through first-person storytelling. 
Deadline: Quarterly on the 15th of each March, June, September, and December.

Award / Funder: National Geographic Society: Genographic Legacy Fund
Description: The Genographic Legacy Fund aims to empower indigenous and traditional peoples throughout the world by supporting community-driven projects directly preserving or revitalizing indigenous or traditional culture. Funded projects have included documenting a traditional language, oral history, or ceremony; creating culturally-specific educational materials and programs; establishing a local museum or archive; inter-generational knowledge sharing; and preserving significant sites and artifacts. Eligible projects must be community-driven and must show a strong level of local community involvement in their planning, governance, and implementation. Grants do not generally exceed US $25,000.
Deadline: 6/15/2011

Award / Funder: Open Meadows Foundation Grants
Description: Open Meadows Foundation makes grants for projects that are led by and benefit women and girls, particularly those from vulnerable communities. Grants of up to $2,000 are available for projects that: are designed and implemented by women and girls; promote building community power; promote gender, racial, social, economic and/or environmental justice; reflect the diversity of the community served; and have limited financial access.  Grants are made to international organizations (based outside the U.S.), as well as organizations/projects within the United States.
Deadline: 8/14/2010

Award / Funder: Cultural Contact Program / The Russell Sage Foundation
Description: To bring social science to bear more effectively on improving the quality of contact among the many racial and ethnic groups that make up American society. An example of past grant project: ‘Understanding and Improving Students’ Experiences in Racially Diverse College Settings’.
Deadline: Unless otherwise specified in the request for proposals in a particular research competition, the deadline for submissions to the November funding round is mid-August, and to the June round is mid-March.

Award / Funder: Community Relations Grants Program – Ameriprise Financial
Description: In the meeting basic needs category, the company supports programs and services that help at-risk populations stabilize their lives and become more self-sufficient. Consideration will be given to programs that help provide food, shelter, and self sufficiency. The supporting community vitality category supports programs and services that build strong communities by creating economic vitality and cultural enrichment. Support is provided in the areas of community development, cultural enrichment, civic leadership, disaster response and recovery, and environmental awareness.
Deadline: 9/1/2010

Award / Funder: Behavioral and Social Science Research on Understanding and Reducing Health Disparities (R21) – Department of Health and Human Services. National Institutes of Health
Description: Health disparities between (1) racial/ethnic populations, (2) lower socioeconomic classes, and (3) rural residents, and the overall U.S. population are major public health concerns. Emphasis is placed on research in and among three broad areas of action: (1) public policy, (2) health care, and (3) disease/disability prevention. Particular attention is given to reducing health gaps among groups. Proposals that utilize an interdisciplinary approach, investigate multiple levels of analysis, incorporate a life-course perspective, and/or employ innovative methods such as system science or community-based participatory research are particularly encouraged.
Deadline: 9/14/2010

Award / Funder: The Equity Fund – Maine Community Foundation
Description: The Equity Fund’s mission is to strengthen lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) organizations in Maine and support community-based initiatives that address LGBTQ issues and needs. The vision driving the fund is one of inclusive, diverse, prejudice-free communities for the LGBTQ population and for all people in Maine. The Equity Fund currently encourages two types of grant proposals: project grants and capacity building grants.
Deadline: 9/15/2010

Award / Funder: 2010 Annual Grant Competition – United States Institute of Peace
Description: The United States Institute of Peace is an independent, nonpartisan, national institution established and funded by Congress. Its goals are to help: * Prevent and resolve violent international conflicts * Promote post-conflict stability and development and * Increase conflict management capacity, tools, and intellectual capital worldwide. The Grant and Fellowship Program expands the work of the Institute by investing in individuals, universities, nonprofit organizations and civil society organizations around the world.  The program supports innovative projects, involving academic and applied research, the identification of promising models and effective practices, and the development of practitioner resources, tools, and training programs related to conflict management, international peace and security and peacebuilding.
Deadline: 10/1/2010

Award / Funder: Spencer Foundation Civic Learning and Civic Action Initiative
Description: Supports research studies that examine the commitments, conditions, and contexts that stimulate and sustain civic action, as well as those that constrain or discourage it (influences of civic motivations and other psychological processes; influences of learning experiences and environments; and influences of social, political, cultural, historical, and other contextual influences on individual and group action)
Deadline: 10/1/2010

Award / Funder: 2011 Purpose Prize Honoring Older Social Innovators – Civic Ventures
Description: A program of Civic Ventures, the Purpose Prize annually provides five awards of $100,000 to people over the age of 60 who are working to address society’s biggest challenges. To be eligible for the prize, a nominee must be at least 60 years old by the deadline of March 10, 2011,and be a legal resident of the United States (including U.S. territories). Nominees should have initiated important innovations, in a new or ongoing organization, in an encore career. “Encore careers” are those that combine personal meaning and social impact with continued work in the second half of life. Nominees must currently be working in a leadership capacity in an organization or institution (public, private, nonprofit, or for-profit) to address a major social problem in the United States or abroad. Nominees should have demonstrated recent creativity and leadership, with the promise of more to come.
Deadline: 3/10/2011


Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Campus Progress Action Alliance Grants
Description: Through the Action Alliance program, Campus Progress works with youth-led community and campus groups on everything from stopping climate change to creating LGBTQ resource centers. Young people can join an Action Alliance with Campus Progress by applying for one or both of the following: • Organizing Grants: We’ll give you up to $1,500 a year to help with websites, flyers or whatever else you might need. • Progressive Partnerships: Guidance, Networking, Strategic Planning, and Training for Youth-led Efforts.
Deadline: The Fall deadline for Progressive Partnerships is in September; Organizing Grants are offered year round on a rolling basis.

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Usher’s New Look / Powered by Service Offers / Youth-Led Service Projects
Description: Usher’s New Look, a nonprofit organization founded by entertainer Usher Raymond IV that supports underprivileged youth in using their talents to become community leaders, has announced the launch of Powered By Service, a new initiative to encourage young people around the world to become involved in addressing the most pressing problems facing their communities. Powered By Service currently has two grant opportunities available for youth volunteers. Sponsored by the United Nations Foundation, the “Nothing but Nets” grant is designed to help youth create projects that increase awareness and funds for the purchase of bed nets to prevent the spread of malaria in Africa. Sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Learn and Serve America, the “What’s Your Power?” grant opportunity offers funding for projects that address any issue. Youth are invited to design a project around the cause that interests them.
Deadline: Open