Award / Funder: Architecture – The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
Description: Grants for projects that investigate the contemporary condition, expand historical perspectives, or explore the future of architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society (Ex: publications, exhibitions, installations, conferences, films, new-media projects) Includes Production/Presentation Grants to individuals and organizations and Research/ Development Grants to individuals. Criteria for evaluation includes potential for promoting diversity in subject matter, participants, and audience. (Topics explored in past grants include African-American Architects, Racial Politics, Spatial Impact of Racial Subordination, and Landscapes of Race and Ideology) 
Deadline: Individuals 09/15/2010.
Link: http://www.grahamfoundation.org/foundation/grantguidelines.asp

Award / Funder: National Geographic Society: Genographic Legacy Fund
Description: The Genographic Legacy Fund aims to empower indigenous and traditional peoples throughout the world by supporting community-driven projects directly preserving or revitalizing indigenous or traditional culture. Funded projects have included documenting a traditional language, oral history, or ceremony; creating culturally-specific educational materials and programs; establishing a local museum or archive; inter-generational knowledge sharing; and preserving significant sites and artifacts. Eligible projects must be community-driven and must show a strong level of local community involvement in their planning, governance, and implementation. Grants do not generally exceed US $25,000.
Deadline: 6/15/2011
Link: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/legacy_fund.html

Award / Funder: The United States-Indonesia Society
Description: These grants are awarded to promote academic and other exchanges between the two countries. USINDO Travel Grants are open to any person seeking to travel to Indonesia to conduct field research or other professional projects, including conferences. All U.S. and Indonesian citizens are welcome to apply.  Student applicants must be enrolled in a degree program. The Society particularly welcomes applications from graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in the social sciences – economics, history, political economy, government, international relations and religious studies.  However, USINDO will seriously consider applications in any field of study. 
Deadline: March 1, June 1, Sepetember 1, and December 1.
Link: http://www.usindo.org/education/travelgrants.html

Award / Funder: AHA Equity Award – American Historical Association
Description: The American Historical Association adopted a statement on equity that acknowledges its commitment to diversity in the historical professional and called on institutions to recruit aggressively and hire members from groups that have been historically discriminated against. The AHA has established two equity awards to be given annually: one for individuals and another for academic units. The award can be conferred for new initiatives and institutions that have achieved excellence in recruiting and retaining underrepresented racial and ethnic groups into the historic profession. The awards are honorary and have no monetary component. Winners will receive a certificate of recognition that honors their efforts. Individuals or institutions can nominate themselves or be nominated. The first set of these Equity Awards will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association to be held in Boston in January 2011. Nominations will also be accepted on a rolling basis to be considered for future years.
Deadline: 8/1/2010
Link: http://www.historians.org/prizes/equityawards.cfm

Award / Funder: Humanities Writing Competition – UNC Institute of African American Research
Description: The Institute of African American Research (IAAR) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will offer a $1000 prize for the best cross-disciplinary, collaborative effort in the Arts and Humanities that yields a historically-grounded script on a topic of African American research. Established and aspiring scholars and writers with expertise in creative writing, literary criticism, philosophy, history, communications, performance studies, sociocultural anthropology, and other relevant disciplines are encouraged to apply. Submitted scripts will be considered for production. There are no limits on the historical time frame or genre of writing.
Deadline: 9/1/2010
Link: http://aar.slu.edu/announce.html#OTHER

Award / Funder: American Research in the Humanities in China Fellowship – American Council of Learned Societies
Description: This program is open to scholars in the humanities and related social sciences who have received a Ph.D. or its equivalent by the time of application. Applicants must submit a carefully formulated research proposal that reflects an understanding of the present Chinese academic and research environment. The proposal should include a persuasive statement of the need to conduct the research in China. Those submitting a joint proposal must apply individually. Support is offered to specialists in all fields of the humanities and humanities-related social sciences, and is not limited to China scholars. Fellowship tenure is from four months to one year of continuous research in China.
Deadline: 9/29/2010
Link: http://www.acls.org/grants/Default.aspx?id=524

Award / Funder: Radcliffe Institute Fellowships
Description: Radcliffe Institute fellowships are designed to support scholars, scientists, artists, and writers of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishment who wish to pursue work in academic and professional fields and in the creative arts. In recognition of Radcliffe’s historic contributions to the education of women and to the study of issues related to women, the Radcliffe Institute sustains a continuing commitment to the study of women, gender, and society. Applicants’ projects need not focus on gender. Women and men from across the United States and throughout the world, including developing countries, are encouraged to apply. The Radcliffe Institute seeks to build a community of fellows that is diverse in every way.
Deadline: The deadline for applicants in humanities, social sciences, and creative arts is 1 October. The deadline for applicants in natural sciences and mathematics is 15 November.
Link: http://www.radcliffe.edu/fellowships/apply.aspx?CFID=9896908&CFTOKEN=94185560

Award / Funder: Spencer Foundation Civic Learning and Civic Action Initiative
Description: Supports research studies that examine the commitments, conditions, and contexts that stimulate and sustain civic action, as well as those that constrain or discourage it (influences of civic motivations and other psychological processes; influences of learning experiences and environments; and influences of social, political, cultural, historical, and other contextual influences on individual and group action)
Deadline: 10/1/2010
Link: http://www.spencer.org/content.cfm/civic-learning-and-civic-action

Award / Funder: The Schomburg Center Scholars in Residence Program
Description: The Schomburg Center residency program is designed to (1) encourage research and writing on the history, literature, and cultures of the peoples of Africa and the African diaspora, (2) to promote and facilitate interaction among the participants including fellows funded by other sources, and (3) to facilitate the dissemination of the researchers’ findings through lectures, publications, and the ongoing Schomburg Center Colloquium and Seminar Series. Fellowships are awarded for continuous periods of six or twelve months at the Schomburg Center with maximum stipends of $25,000 for six months and up to $50,000 for twelve months. Applicants must indicate in their proposal how they propose to use the resources of the Schomburg Center as well as those of the research units of The New York Public Library to further their research.
Deadline: 12/1/2010
Link: http://www.nypl.org/locations/tid/64/node/131

Award / Funder: Hooks Institute Book Award – The Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change
Description: The Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change solicits nominations for its Book Award, given to the book published in 2010 that best furthers understanding of the American Civil Rights Movement and its legacy. The recipient of the Book Award wins $1,000 and an invitation to deliver the inaugural address in the Hooks Institute Lecture Series during the 2011-2012 academic year.
Deadline: 12/1/2010
Link: http://benhooks.memphis.edu/bookaward.html

Award / Funder: Jacobs Research Funds – Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Washington
Description: Grants for anthropological and linguistic research working with Native American (First Nations) peoples. Grants are given for work on problems in language, social organization, political organization, religion, mythology, music, other arts, psychology and folk science. Priority is given to research on the Pacific Northwest (the Pacific Coast from Northern California to Alaska and the Columbia Plateau in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Idaho). However, research on other areas in Canada, the continental United States, Alaska, Mexico, Central America and South America will be funded if possible.
Deadline: 2/15/2011
Link: http://depts.washington.edu/jacobsf/application.html

Award / Funder: Wayne F. Placek Grants
Description: These grants support scientific research to increase the general public’s understanding of homosexuality and to alleviate the stress that gay men and lesbians experience in this and future civilizations. Two $15,000 grants are available in research support. The grants support empirical research from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences on any topic related to lesbian, gay, or bisexual issues. Proposals are especially encouraged for empirical studies that address the following topics: *Heterosexuals’ attitudes and behaviors toward lesbians and gay men, including prejudice, discrimination, and violence, *Family and workplace issues relevant to lesbians and gay men, * Subgroups of the lesbian and gay population that have historically been underrepresented in scientific research
Deadline: 3/1/2011
Link: http://www.apa.org/apf/funding/placek-rfp.pdf


Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Black New England Conference 2010: The Politics of Race: Movements, Protests, Leaders, and Representation
Description: Thursday, October 14th 2010 – Saturday, October 16th 2010 – The 2010 conference will cover the history of cultural, social, and political movements in New England from the 1700s to the present. As the word ‘representation’ indicates, the conference will include presentations on the politics concerning and the forms of representing such events and people of African descent in New England.
Deadline: 7/23/2010
Link: http://www.neculture.org/bnec/2010/call-for-papers.html

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: The Arts Council of the African Studies Association
Description: The Arts Council of the African Studies Association is seeking papers proposals for a various panels for the upcoming Triennial Symposium to be held in Los Angeles March 23 to 26, 2011. Please respond the the individual panel organizers if you have a paper to propose. 1. Marketing African Contemporary Art: The role of commercial galleries in the shaping of artistic careers and discourse. This panel will explore the influence of commercial galleries on the identification and shaping of the careers of African artists. Pamela Allara, Associate Professor emerita, contemporary art and visual culture Brandeis University Allara@brandeis.edu; 2. Documentary/Archive? The panel seeks to explore the extent to which contemporary South African documentary practices might be trapped in a social-realist mode in which the archive plays a central mediating role. We are seeking papers that examine the different ‘documentary’ or ‘factual’ modes in post-apartheid South African photography, as well as how archival and other factors have ameliorated stasis and change within the genre. Rory.Bester@wits.ac.za; 3. Africa and Its Diasporas in the Market Place: Cultural Resources and the Global Economy This panel encourages the submission of papers that explore how the public and private sectors value traditional and contemporary African art, and how value is justified by both tangible and intangible properties
Deadline: 9/15/2010
Link: http://www.acasaonline.org/conf_next.htm

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: 42nd Annual Convention
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) – American
Description: Panels include Chicas, Nǚhái, Batang babae: Girlhood in Contemporary Ethnic American Literature, Discourse on Democratic Identity & Freedom: Douglass, Wright, Ellison, Baldwin, The Early Black Atlantic: African Muslims and African Diasporic Narratives, Family Formations in Contemporary Multiethnic American Literature, Gender, Sexuality and New Perspectives in Asian American Literature and Cinema, Label Me Latina or Latino, No Longer Silent: Trauma in Contemporary Asian American (Korean) Literature, Pan-American Immigration Narratives, ‘Savages we call them’: Imagining the Native in Early American Literature, Suddenly Everyone Has a Cherokee Great-Grandmother: Teaching Native Literatures, The Text of the Body: Art, Technology, Slavery. and Empire in the 19th century, Toni Morrison and Marilynne Robinson: Revisioning the American West
Deadline: 9/30/2010
Link: http://www.nemla.org/convention/2011/cfp.html#american

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: 42nd Annual Convention
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) – British and Anglophone
Description: Panels include African Modernisms, African Modernities, The Black Maritime Atlantic in the Nineteenth Century, Contemporary Theatre in South Africa, New Old Stories: Reinventing African Narratives in Black British Fiction
Deadline: 9/30/2010
Link: http://www.nemla.org/convention/2011/cfp.html#british

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: 42nd Annual Convention
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) – Cultural Studies and Film
Description: Panels include Affects and Spaces in Latin American Cinema, Performance and Literature, Concepts of Identity in Post-colonial African Culture, Experimentation in Latin American Film, Figuring Diversity in the Cultural Imaginary, New Media and the Asian Diaspora, Reading the Postcolonial Other in Contemporary Film, Representations of Disability in Literature and Culture, Transnational Relations: Sexuality and Body Traffic across the Global Village
Deadline: 9/30/2010
Link: http://www.nemla.org/convention/2011/cfp.html#culturalstudiesandfilm

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: 42nd Annual Convention
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Call for Papers – LGBTQ
Description: Panels include LGBTQ Identities in Latin America, LGBTQ Studies and Pedagogy, Narrating Queer Histories, Prove It On Me: Ambivalent Lesbian Representation in the Harlem Renaissance, Queer Counterpublic, Queer Space(s) in the German-Speaking World, (Re)Imagining Expatriates: Queer Transnationalisms in American Literature
Deadline: 9/30/2010
Link: http://www.nemla.org/convention/2011/cfp.html#lgbtq

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: 42nd Annual Convention
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) – Spanish / Portuguese
Description: Panels include Behind the Lens: Immigration and Globalization in Spanish Contemporary Film, Body and the Politics of Resistance in the 21st century Latin American Narrative, Cyberspace and Literature in Latin America: What Does The Future Entail?, Displaced Communities, Giving Testimony to Transnational Migrations: Gender and Witnessing in Hispanic, Imagining Communities: Cuban Women Poets of the Diaspora, The Intellectual as a Public Figure in 20th Century Latin America, Issues on Ecology in Latin American Literature and Culture, Trauma and Memory in literature and film of Latin America
Deadline: 9/30/2010
Link: http://www.nemla.org/convention/2011/cfp.html#spanish

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: 42nd Annual Convention
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Call for Papers – Transnational Literatures
Description: Panels include Canada and the African Diasporic Literary Imaginary, Intersections of language and culture: Sprachgemisch, métissage & code-switching, Journeys of the Bicultural Self: Narrative Geographies from the Middle East, Globalization and the Americas: Challenging Categories of Literary Production, ‘Only the Difficult Stimulates’: The Interplay of Opacities in Caribbean Lit, Post/Colonial Nostalgia in South Asian Literature, Traditional and Modern Medicine in Caribbean Literature
Deadline: 9/30/2010
Link: http://www.nemla.org/convention/2011/cfp.html#transnationalliteratures

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: ‘Women of the world’: women’s international activism in national contexts from 1945 until now’
Description: CECILLE research laboratory at Lille 3 in partnership with CRIDAF at University of Paris 13 are organising a second workshop on ‘Women of the world’: women’s international activism in national contexts which will take place at University Paris 13 on November 18, 2011. This second workshop seeks to deepen reflection on the process of the internationalization of women’s movements and on the articulation between women’s international mobilizations and their national and local contexts. This workshop seeks to understand to what extent women’s mobilizations at international conferences (either informal or institutional ones) since 1945 and in particular after the 1970s have helped to consolidate collective consciousness-raising, reinforced interaction and the comparison of their respective situations and claims. For questions, contact Philippe Vervaecke philippe.vervaecke@univ-lille3.fr
Deadline: 10/15/2010
Link: N/A

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: National Council for Black Studies
Description: NCBS is accepting abstracts for individual paper, poster, panel, session, roundtable discussion, workshop, town hall meeting that explore the Black experience locally, nationally, and/or globally from a variety perspective. Of particular interest are presentations that comparatively explore these experiences, as well as those that examine the discipline of Africana/Black Studies using multi-layered frameworks and methodologies. Papers that incorporate various combinations of race/nationality, class, gender, and sexuality, through the lens of but not limited to Afrocentric, cross and multicultural, diasporic, feminist, postcolonial, postmodernist or transnational interpretative schemes are welcomed. Send a 150-400 word abstract for a panel (one for the panel subject and one for each panelist), and/or individual paper and poster presentations. For roundtable discussions submit a 500 word abstract that explores the discussion topic. For town hall meetings submit a 500 word abstract specifying the roles of the facilitator(s) and recorder(s).
Deadline: 10/15/2010
Link: http://www.ncbsonline.org/conference_call_for_papers

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Joint National Conferences – National Association of African American Studies, National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies, National Association of Native American Studies, International Association of Asian Studies
Description: February 14-19, 2011 Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Joint National Conferences. Papers that relate to any aspect of the African and African American, Hispanic and Latino, Native American or Asian experience should be submitted. Subjects may include, but are not limited to: literature, demographics, history, politics, economics, education, health care, fine arts, religion, social sciences, business and many other subjects.
Deadline: 11/5/2010
Link: http://www.naaas.org/call.html

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Western Social Science Association
Description: The Western Social Science Association invites papers and panels on American Studies topics for its 53rd annual conference, April 13-16, 2011, at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.
The WSSA’s annual meeting presents panels in 30 different academic fields, offering an extensive, interdisciplinary range of subjects for scholars to explore. Individual paper — or panel — proposals on American Studies topics could be submitted. The subjects may range broadly across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Send a 150-word abstract and c.v. by 1 December 2010 to: daniel.mcinerney@usu.edu — or to Prof. Daniel J. McInerney, WSSA-American Studies Program Chair, Department of History, Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322-0710. Scholars willing to serve as moderators/discussants should indicate their research specialties.
Deadline: 12/1/2010
Link: http://wssa.asu.edu/conferences/default.htm

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: “Latino Cultures of NYC.” New York Institute of Technology  -seventh interdisciplinary conference- March 4, 2011
Description: Scholars from a range of disciplines are invited to interpret the theme broadly for this one-day conference at NYiT’s Columbus Circle campus on Friday, March 4, 2011. This interdisciplinary conference will focus on the Latino cultures of New York City and its surrounding areas. At a moment when Latino migration to the United States has become a hot-button political issue and Latino culture continues to exert phenomenal worldwide influence, we propose to examine and discuss the historical and current role New York City, or other urban spaces, play in Latino culture, and how Latino migration has changed the way such sites are conceived. We welcome paper proposals that analyze these issues from both geopolitical and rhetorical perspectives; we are particularly interested in fresh readings of Latino cultural objects (defined widely – either produced by Latino subjects or focusing on Latino culture), including literature, film, music, visual art, websites, video games, or television.
Deadline: 12/1/2010
Link: http://www.latinoculturesnyc.com/

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Civil Society, Social Movements and Transitional Justice – 2011 IJTJ Special Issue
Description: The International Journal of Transitional Justice invites submissions for its 2011 special issue titled ‘Civil Society, Social Movements and Transitional Justice,’ to be guest edited by Moses Chrispus Okello, Project Coordinator, Beyond Juba Project and Senior Research Advisor, Refugee Law Project, Uganda and Lucy Hovil, Senior Researcher, Citizenship and Displacement in the Great Lakes region, International Refugee Rights Initiative. The International Journal of Transitional Justice publishes high quality, refereed articles in the rapidly growing field of transitional justice; that is the study of those strategies employed by states and international institutions to deal with a legacy of human rights abuses and to effect social reconstruction in the wake of widespread violence.
Deadline: 4/1/2011
Link: http://ijtj.oxfordjournals.org/

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Joint Conference, Panel on institution building and democratic successor states in Asia
Description: “Institution-building in autocracies and the quality of democratic successor regimes in Asia” – Joint Conference of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR), Sao Paulo, 16-19 February 2011. Judged by the distribution of political regime types, Asia is the most heterogeneous region in the world. While a great number of regimes have remained authoritarian, the Third Wave of democracy spawned consolidated as well as unstable democracies. The panel is devoted to testing the hypothesis that the seeds of democratic consolidation can be sown already during authoritarianism. In particular, it is centered on the question if the institutionalization and formalization of authoritarian politics has aided the consolidation of democracies such as Taiwan and South Korea, while its absence is the root of instability in regimes such as Thailand and the Philippines. The panel is aimed at attracting both single case and comparative papers that strike a balance between empirical data (quantitative and qualitative) and relevant, critical and audacious general theoretical questions/debates. Fairness of geographical spread, gender and academic career level will be taken into consideration when selecting participants.
Deadline: 8/6/2010
Link: http://saopaulo2011.ipsa.org/panel/institution-building-autocracies-and-quality-democratic-successor-regimes-asia

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: “Placing the Archipelago: Interconnections and Extensions”
Description: Sargasso, a journal of Caribbean literature, language, and culture published by the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, is accepting submissions for an upcoming issue entitled “Placing the Archipelago: Interconnections and Extensions.” How is an interconnected and extended Caribbean informed by place? Across varied disciplines and area studies, the work of scholars such as David Harvey, Arjun Appadurai, Peter Hulme, and Michaeline Crichlow has framed place both as spatial/temporal location and as social construct influenced by modernity and the interplay of local and global forces. In dialogue with these varied approaches, this volume of Sargasso  seeks to examine the ways that place is situated, imagined, constructed and/or defined through inter-relation and extension with sites beyond the traditionally delineated Caribbean archipelago. We encourage scholarly and creative work that examines comparative internal Caribbean dynamics and/or those of the extended Caribbean region, including the US South, Central and South America, West Africa, and other sites within the wider Atlantic region, or beyond. In counterpoint to island, nation-state, or locations distinguished by politicized boundaries, this issue seeks to im/explode regional delineations and read how “placing” the archipelago through intra-Caribbean and extended Caribbean focus may expose tensions, amalgamations, discords, and/or alliances. Socio-cultural, geographic, historical and contemporary perspectives are strongly encouraged. 
Deadline: 8/30/2010
Link: http://repeatingislands.com/2010/06/30/call-for-papers-placing-the-archipelago/

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Social Justice / Centre for Studies in Social Justice, University of Windsor
Description: The Editors of Studies in Social Justice invite submissions all year round. Studies in Social Justice is published twice yearly by the Centre for Studies in Social Justice, University of Windsor. This electronic journal publishes articles on issues dealing with the social, cultural, economic, political, and philosophical problems associated with the struggle for social justice. This interdisciplinary journal aims to publish work that links theory to social change and the analysis of substantive issues. The journal welcomes heterodox contributions that are critical of established paradigms of inquiry. The journal focuses on debates that move beyond conventional notions of social justice, and views social justice as a critical concept that is integral in the analysis of policy formation, rights, participation, social movements, and transformations. Social justice is analysed in the context of processes involving nationalism, social and public policy, globalization, diasporas, culture, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, welfare, poverty, war, and other social phenomena. It endeavours to cover questions and debates ranging from governance to democracy, sustainable environments, and human rights, and to introduce new work on pressing issues of social justice throughout the world. Nicole A. Noël, Journal Manager, Studies in Social Justice, University of Windsor. Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4; tel: 1 519 253-3000 ext. 3492 Email: nnoel@uwindsor.ca
Deadline: N/A
Link: http://ojs.uwindsor.ca/ojs/leddy/index.php/ssj


Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Smithsonian Institution Minority Internships
Description: The Office of Fellowships offers a number of opportunities to increase participation of minority groups who are underrepresented in Smithsonian scholarly programs, in the disciplines of research conducted at the Institution, and in the museum field. Stipend awards are available for interns through the Minority Student Awards Program to participate in supervised ongoing research, or museum-related activities for periods of ten weeks. Minority undergraduate and beginning graduate students are encouraged to apply.
Deadline: October 1, 2010
Link: http://www.si.edu/ofg/ofgapp.htm

Sponsor / Organizer / Event / Publication: Annual Student Essay Contest / The National Council for Black Studies (NCBS)
Description: Essays should focus on any aspect of the Africana experience, i.e., art, education, history, literature, politics, psychology, social and policy issues.
Deadline: 1/1/2011
Link: http://www.ncbsonline.org/student_essay_contest