Presidential Symposia

2011: Recognizing Change, Preparing for the Future

On April 28, 2011 President Elaine Tuttle Hansen hosts the fourth Presidential Symposium, “Recognizing Change, Preparing for the Future: Developing Partnerships for Academic Success.” Pursuing goals articulated in the Choices for Bates “Diversity in Excellence” Project, symposium sessions will focus on building working partnerships to foster a community that recognizes differences and uses them as resources for learning.


2009: The Teaching and Learning Shift

We are focusing our third annual presidential symposium on the intersection of two of the most important differences between contemporary students and their parents’ and professors’ generations: their understanding and experiences of diversity and their uses of technology.


2008: Unswerving Values, Changing Times

Elaine Tuttle Hansen: “This afternoon we come together again to that perpetual task of changing and preparing ourselves to do the right thing.”


2007: A College for ‘Coming Time’

Elaine Tuttle Hansen: “If we want to prepare the brightest minds to lead and serve tomorrow, we must prepare ourselves as institutions to understand what Oren Cheney knew, the importance of building institutions for coming time.”