Activity courses

Graduation Requirement

The physical education requirement may be satisfied in one (or combination) of three ways:

  1. Physical Education classes offered through Bates College.
  2. Completed season of varsity or intercollegiate club sports programs which are sponsored by the Athletics Department.
  3. Transfer of accepted credit from another college or university.  Only one transfer credit may be used; the second credit/class must be completed at Bates College.

To earn physical education credit you must attend and participate in 80% of classes offered.  Check with your Instructor to make sure all dates of your attendance have been recorded.


  • Select semester to view class listings and schedule.
  • Check your physical education credits on the Garnet Gateway.
  • PE class registration will be held online through the Garnet Gateway at the beginning of each semester.  Check specific semester for more information.

To learn more about the Philosophy of Physical Education, please see the Requirement and Philosophy page.