Requirement & philosophy

Graduation requirements include the successful completion of four credits of physical education.  The physical education requirement may be satisfied in one of (or combination of) three ways:

  1. Physical Education classes offered through Bates College.
  2. Completed season of varsity or intercollegiate club sports programs, that are sponsored by the Athletics Department.
  3. Transfer of accepted credit from another college or university.  Only one transfer credit may be used; the second credit/class must be completed at Bates College.

Fall and Winter semesters offer ten week courses which include classes in aerobics, swimming, dance and lifetime activities.   Approximately 30 classes are offered each semester; each class is worth 2 credits.  No classes are offered during Short Term.

Students may  take the same class twice for credit and are encouraged to take any class as often as available.  There is no limit to the number of classes any student may take each semester or during their years at Bates College.

Students may also earn physical education credits through participation in varsity and intercollegiate club sports programs sponsored by the Athletics Deparment.   For more information regarding the specific requirements for the varsity sports programs, contact the head coach.  The club sports officers, as well as the Director of Club Sports, can explain the requirements for each of the twelve club programs.  The intercollegiate club programs must meet the requirements in order for their club members/participants to receive physical education credit.

A student who has completed a comparable physical education class at another college or university may seek to have that unit of credit transferred to his/her Bates record.  A comparable program is one in which the class content, duration and attendance requirements meet or exceed those of the Bates program and is offered by Bates College.  However, only 1 transfer class will be accepted; the second credit must be satisfied at Bates College.

Students who are planning to study abroad for a semester or year and wish to complete a physical education credit while abroad, should submit a proposal in advance to the Physical Education Coordinator for consideration and approval.

Students may check their physical education credits on the Garnet Gateway web page.