Physics Talks and Seminars

Winter Semester 2010: Fridays 2:40pm, Carnegie 114

Fall Semester 2009

  • September 18: Professor Mark D. Semon (Bates College) “Gravity Probe B and Thomas Precession.”
  • October 2: Professor Glenn Schmieg (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) “Lightning.”
  • October 12: Professor Richard S. Lindzen (MIT) “Deconstructing Global Warming.”
  • October 16: Professor Robyn Millan (Dartmouth College) “Antarctica-Based High Altitude Ballon Experiments Studying Electrons in the Earth’s Atmosphere”
  • October 30: Professor Scott Hughes (MIT) “The Gravitational Two-Body Problem in General Relativity”
  • December 4 : Professor Chad Orzel (Union College) “Counting Atoms for Astrophysics: Atom Traps, Neutrino Detectors, and Radioactive Background Measurements.”

Winter Semester 2009

  • January 24: Dr. Amy Lytle (University of Colorado and JILA) “Extreme Nonlinear Optics: Understanding and Manipulating High-order Harmonic Generation”
  • January 29: Professor Lilian Childress (Bates College) “Single Electronic Spins in Diamond: Quantum Information, Metrology and the Pursuit of Coherence”
  • February 8: Patty Goodale Judy ’99 (University of Virginia) “The Physics of Radiology”
  • February 26: Dr. Lori Goldner (NIST) “Single Molecule Biophysics in Femtoliter Containers”
  • March 7: Professor (Emeritus) Steve Childress (Courant Institute of Mathematics) “Swimming and Flying in Antarctica: Flapping Flight and Ciliated Motion in Creatures that Live under the Ice”
  • March 21: Thomas Bohan, Ph. D and J.D., President – American Academy of Forensic Scientists “The Adventures of a Physicist in Forensic Science”
  • March 24: Dr. John T. Giblin Jr. (Yale University) “Gravitational Waves: A New View of the Universe”
  • April 10: Professor Thomas Burbine (Mt. Holyoke College) “Asteroids as Geologic Bodies “