Lillian Childress

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My research interests have included a variety of quantum optical phenomena in atomic and solid state physics, ranging from slowing and stopping light in atomic ensembles to studying electrons confined to a nanoscale region of a semiconductor. Most recently, I have become intrigued by experiments studying single electronic and nuclear spins in diamond.

Using quantum-optical properties of a certain defect center in diamond, the nitrogen-acancy center, it is possible to prepare, manipulate, and measure single spins in a solid, in effect accomplishing single-spin ESR (electron spin resonance) or NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance).   I am building a table-top experiment to explore in greater detail how this system works, with the goal of improving the control we have over these spins to a level that may be relevant for applications in quantum information science or metrology.

In my spare time, I conduct significantly less sophisticated experiments on gravity, friction, pulley systems, knot theory, and other subjects relevant to roped ascent and descent of vertical surfaces.