If Bates does not open Jan 2021.

Campus Departure in November and Contingency Planning

Please visit this page often as information may change or be updated.

While we hope to be in a position to welcome you back to the college in January for a continuation of in-person learning, you should make contingency plans if this ends up not being possible, including these actions:

  • Taking with you any essential and valuable personal items from your residence hall room (e.g. computer, jewelry, textbooks, musical instruments)
  • Organizing, packing, and labeling for shipping all items left behind in your room. 
  • Packing your belongings “ship-ready,” in boxes, luggage, and containers sealed and labels with accurate information securely attached.

SHIPPING – ID labels, boxes and addressing – Available now at Post & Print

ID Labels – Post & Print will provide you the ID labels. Your personal identification labels will include your name and email. If the college does not open in January, the ship to boxes will be sent to your default home address located on the garnet gateway (see addressing) 

Boxes and tape – Post & Print will provide you boxes 18x18x18 boxes, shipping tape and zip/cable-ties for luggage are available at Post & Print. Luggage may be shipped without a box, but all zippers must be secured with  zip/cable-ties. Shoulder straps should be secured inside the luggage before shipping. 

Addressing – If you wish to change the ship to address to a temporary address, logon to the Garnet Gateway and follow directions under the “change your address” option.

Your belongings will remain labeled and packed safely in your room. Should we find ourselves in the position of not being able to welcome you back to campus in January, these labels will help us easily identify your belongings.

Things you can ship: 

  • Clothes, bedding, shoes, books, non-liquid toiletries, personal effects and small dorm items. 

Before you leave in November, you may want to ship items you do not want to leave behind.

In particular, large items such as musical instruments or TV’s may be shipped, but proper containers are required. Oversized items [Skis, stereo speakers, etc.) may be shipped, but service for shipment must be pre-arranged and done before departure from campus.

If you have other special items, please talk with someone at Post & Print as soon as possible.

Things you can’t ship:

  • No liquids, medication or personal care items containing hazardous materials (e.g., flammable perfume, aerosols, lighters, etc.) can be shipped.
  • Tote bags and garbage bags cannot be shipped. We discourage using sterilities-type plastic containers for shipping: they do not hold up well nor seal securely with packing tape.
  • No Firearms, Ammunition or knives
  • Please do not ship laptops, tablets or battery packs

If you wish to store your belongings offsite, you may wish to consider these storage options.

Questions about the move-out date and packing and labeling your belongings should be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Health Education at housing@bates.edu.

Email postandprint@bates.edu if you have any other questions.