Joshua A. Goodman

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

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Summary of Interests

  • Mental health in LGBTQ populations
  • Parent support for LGBTQ youth
  • Interventions to address mental health disparities in LGBTQ people and promote family support for LGBTQ youth



  • Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2018
  • M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2014
  • B.A., Whitman College, 2012


Research Interests

Professor Goodman’s research focuses on interventions to support the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ people and communities. He has helped to develop online psychological interventions to reduce internalized sexual orientation and gender identity stigma in LGBTQ subpopulations, and more recently developed an online intervention to increase predictors of parent support for sexual minority youth. His current research interests include interventions to increase parent support for LGBTQ youth, strategies for disseminating online psychological interventions that support LGBTQ populations, and factors that promote or pose barriers to parent support for LGBTQ youth.


Courses Taught

  • PSYC 235 – Abnormal Psychology
  • GS/PY 309 – Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity
  • PSYC 342 – Theories of Psychotherapy


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Blagov, P. S., & Goodman, J. A. (2016). Sex, gender, and sexual orientation in the assessment of affective disorders. In Brabender, V. & Mihura, J., Handbook of gender and sexuality in psychological assessment. New York, NY: Routledge.

Blagov, P. S., Singer, J. A., Oost, K. M., Goodman, J. A., & Pugh, A. T. (2016). Triarchic psychopathy measure: Validity in relation to normal-range traits, personality pathology, psychological adjustment, and autobiographical recall. Journal of Personality Disorders, 30(1), 71-81.

Israel, T., Harkness, A., Avellar, T. R., Delucio, K., Bettergarcia, J. N., & Goodman, J. A. (2016). LGBTQ-affirming policing: Tactics generated by law enforcement personnel. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 31(3), 173-181.