COVID-19 PIVOT: How Alumni and Parents Can Help

Never before has the Bates network been more crucial to our students.

What is the Summer 2020 COVID-19 Pivot?
The Bates Center for Purposeful Work is hoping to mitigate the challenging employment and internship
prospects for students in Summer 2020 by:
● Working with employers to devise creative ways to host Bates virtual interns
● Maximizing the number of meaningful opportunities by activating the Bates network
● Including graduating seniors in our cohort, recognizing the unique challenges they face

What Can You Do to Help?
● Provide a Bates student with a full internship, a significant project, or a series of projects
● Offer virtual professional experiences that vary in scope and range from 75 to 300+ hours
● Help Bates students gain experiences and skills, and contribute value to the organization

What Can Purposeful Work Do to Support You?
● Consult with you to design an internship or project based on the tasks you’d like accomplished
● Post your opportunity on our Handshake platform and help recruit a student for you
● Pay your intern when needed, based on proposed hours

What are Possible Virtual Internship Formats?
75 hrs/Market Research: 35 hours per week for 2 weeks
● Collect data on consumers, competitors, and marketplace for new product
150 hrs/Human Resources: 15 hours per week for 10 weeks
● Build onboarding packages for different departments, assist with virtual orientation events
225 hrs/Immigration Law Services: 30 hours per week for 8 weeks
● Fill out immigration forms for clients and translate during client meetings
300+ hrs/Program Development: 35 hours per week for 10 weeks
● Plan and implement an online curriculum for school-age children

What are the Expected Benefits of the COVID-19 Pivot?
Students gain: Industry knowledge and skills, professional experience and mentorship, and the opportunity to explore and reflect on how their interests, strengths, and values align with the work they accomplish
Employers gain: A meaningful connection with a Bates student, projects completed, and the satisfaction of helping a Bates student gain valuable Purposeful Work experience

Interested in discussing a remote internship opportunity?