Curricular Programs

Practitioner-Taught Courses

Innovation and experimentation have always been the hallmarks of Short Term at Bates. Practitioner-Taught Courses during Short Term offer opportunities for students to explore more practical and applied areas of study than are available within the core liberal arts curriculum.

Practitioners-in-Residence, often Bates alumni, teach applied knowledge and skills in their field of expertise. Students explore worlds of work, add to their practical skill set, and expand their professional network, contributing to their career exploration and preparation for future work.

During the final week of Short Term, we celebrate the students’ innovative work with the Short Term Showcase. In poster sessions, demonstrations and pitches, students present their final work products to the Bates community. (more detail, 2019 PTCs listing and upcoming application information)

Purposeful Work Infusion Courses

Across all disciplines, faculty design Purposeful Work Infusion Courses to incorporate conversations and reflections on work or purpose into their curriculum. Professors infuse their teaching with exercises that expose students to diverse types of work, questions of identity and purpose, and opportunities for reflection on what work and purpose mean.

Purposeful Work Infusion courses include in-class material, assigned readings, and reflective writing assignments that bridge the gap between course content and “work” (broadly defined). Many Purposeful Work courses invite alumni guest speakers to discuss how Bates coursework shaped their career aspirations.

These courses explicitly help students draw connections between what they’re learning in class with career, purpose, and meaningful work. Students who have ever left a class wondering, “so how does this relate to the world beyond college?” will want to take a Purposeful Work Infusion course. They are designed to address precisely that question. (more)

Life Architecture Short Term Course

This extradisciplinary course designed and taught by Purposeful Work team member and visiting instructor in Psychology Rebecca Fraser-Thill takes a philosophical, psychological, and pragmatic aim at preparing juniors and seniors for lives of meaningful work.

Course Description: Everyone works, whether for pay or for pleasure, in public or in private, with gusto or with dread. This course supports students as they prepare for a lifetime of work by encouraging consideration of the philosophical components of their plan including identifying and developing personal attributes correlated with career well-being, exploring the context of vocational decision making, and contemplating how meaning and purpose can be infused into any work. They also consider the pragmatic components, discussing how mentors can be cultivated, how jobs are best secured, and the practical considerations that can hold people back from realizing their visions. (more)

Students from the 2018 short term Life Architecture Class have created a compilation of quick resources they think would be useful to Bates students.