For Students: BBC/PW (Bates/Bowdoin/Colby) Joint Events

To enhance our relationship and engagement with employers, we work closely with our employer engagement colleagues at Bowdoin and Colby to support joint recruitment activities and efforts by employers for the top liberal arts students in Maine.

In addition to inviting Bowdoin and Colby students to join us for BBC/PW virtual sessions hosted by Bates, our students are invited to events and sessions hosted by Bowdoin and Colby. We often add events last-minute, so check Handshake Events regularly for updated employers and dates to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities of interest.


Aug 16: Consulting EXPO (Colby)


Sep 10: Federal Bureau of Investigation (Bowdoin)
Sep 13: Investment Management EXPO (Colby)
Sep 14: U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of International Affairs (Bowdoin)
Sep 24: Cushman & Wakefield (Bowdoin)
Sep 27: Business of Healthcare EXPO (Colby)
Sep 29: Morningstar (Bowdoin)


Oct 4: Business + Technology EXPO (Colby)


Nov 3: Scribe America (Bowdoin)
Nov 4: Teach for America (Bowdoin)
Nov 9: U.S. Navy (Bowdoin)