For Students: Employer Info Session Recordings

In order to provide opportunities for students to engage with recruiters and alumni, the Employer Engagement team at the Bates Center for Purposeful Work collaborates with employers on info sessions throughout the academic year.

These sessions give students the chance to get an insider look at organizations to better understand: what the organization does, what values guide the organization, what internship and full-time opportunities are available, and what the application process and timeline look like. When alumni are available, students have the chance to inquire about their pathways from Bates to their current roles in the organization.

Whenever possible, we encourage students to join employer info sessions live, so that they can actively engage with recruiters and alumni, and ask questions that pertain to their personal and professional needs and interests. Check Handshake Events (particularly those with PW and BBC/PW designations) regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities of interest.

We want to ensure that all of our students are able to access our employer info sessions, regardless of personal/professional commitments or extenuating personal circumstances. To that end, we will record virtual sessions (with employer permission) and make the recordings available for access generally within two weeks. NOTE: Anyone who speaks during these sessions consents to being recorded. Feel free to utilize the chat function if preferred. 

Students can access the recordings by clicking the designated links below (when they become available) and signing in with their Bates login and password. Alumni can request special short-term access by reaching out to Hoi Ning Ngai at Bowdoin and Colby students can request special short-term access to BBC/PW (Bates/Bowdoin/Colby) info session recordings by reaching out to Hoi Ning Ngai at

Employer Info Sessions FY22

Sep 2: TM Capital (Investment Banking) [Bates recording]
Sep 8: Voltus (Energy) [BBC recording]
Sep 9: Artisan Healthcare Consulting [BBC recording]
Sep 13: Kobre & Kim (Legal Research) [BBC recording]
Sep 20: McLarty Associates (Business + Policy) [BBC recording]
Sep 22: Analysis Group (Economic Consulting) [Bates recording]
Sep 23: The Beacon Group (Strategy Consulting) [BBC recording]
Sep 27: Carney, Sandoe & Associates (Education) [BBC recording]
Sep 30: Peace Corps (Global Public Service) [BBC recording]

Oct 6: CGI (Technology) [BBC recording]
Oct 7: Success Academy (Education) [BBC recording]
Oct 11: Horizon Media (Advertising + Media) [BBC recording]
Oct 14: Unum (Actuarial + Leadership Development Programs) [BBC recording]
Oct 18: International Republican Institute (International Affairs) [BBC recording]
Oct 21: Maine Health (Business + Healthcare) [BBC recording]
Oct 25: Broad Institute [BBC recording]
Oct 28: Prosek Partners (Public Relations) [BBC recording]

Nov 8: Abernathy MacGregor (Public Relations) [BBC recording]
Nov 15: Boston Children’s Hospital (Healthcare + Clinical Research) [BBC recording]
Nov 18: Maine Health Research (Academic + Clinical Research) [BBC recording]