Short Term Showcase

Wednesday, May 24, 4-6 p.m.
Perry Atrium, Pettengill Hall


The annual Short Term Showcase is a celebration of two new Short Term Innovative Pedagogy (STIP) programs: Course (re)Designs and Practitioner-Taught Courses.

This annual celebration presents intensive, practical collaborations that are transforming teaching at Bates. In the Course (Re)design projects, students work side-by-side with faculty to redesign learning experiences of great meaning to them. Meanwhile, visiting Short Term Practitioners from all corners of industry bring skills and expertise to enhance the applicability of the Bates education to a life of meaningful work.


The 2017 STIP Courses

Health Care Administration Practicum with Shannon Banks ’85

Mediation and Restorative Justice Practicum with Elaine Bourne, JD, Margaret Micolichek and Barbara Blazej

The Business of the Arts Practicum with Sara Juli

Digital Marketing Practicum: Changing the Art and Science of Marketing with Ashley Hart ’91

Start-Up Project Management Boot Camp with John Stadler

Experiencing Children’s Literature with Krista Aronson, Associate Professor of Psychology

Course Design: Math and the Art of M.C Escher with Grace Couloumbe, Director of the Mathematics and Statistics Workshop

Redesign of Introduction to Neuroscience with Jason Castro, Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Six Beverages That Changed the World with Jim Hughes, Thomas Sowell Professor of Economics

Philosophy Thesis Redesign with Susan Stark, Associate Professor of Philosophy