Pre-Health Basics

What does it mean to be a “pre-health” student at Bates?

It means that you are considering going to medical, veterinary, dental, nursing or another health professions school sometime after you finish your undergraduate degree. And it is not just about academics! It means that you have a deep and abiding interest in science and humanity, that you have a particular interest in health and disease, that you have a desire to help others, and that you thrive on hard work, responsibility, and leadership.

What constitutes a successful pre-health student? There is no absolute definition. Students who tend to be successful are:

  • Excellent students in any discipline
  • Strong in the science courses they’ve taken, whether or not science is their major
  • Inclined to help others and take on leadership roles
  • Self-aware and interested in the challenges that face others in society
  • Eager to gain experience through job shadowing, volunteering, and internships

Preparing for a Career in the Health Professions (our fall meeting packets are linked below):

Additional Information: