Get in Touch + Where to Find Us

General Information

  • Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am – 4:30pm ET with occasional evening events/workshops and employer info sessions (check Handshake for the latest schedule updates). 
  • Drop Ins! Purposeful Work is available every day, Monday through Friday, whether you’re looking to get a resume or cover letter reviewed, or just want to stop in to chat – we’d love to see you!
    Sunday: 7-9pm, OIE
    Monday: 1-3pm, PW/Chase / 7-9pm, PW/Chase
    Tuesday: 1-3pm, PW/Chase / 7-9pm, Ladd/ARC
    Wednesday: 1-3pm, PW/Chase / 7-9pm, Ladd/ARC
    Thursday: 1-3pm, PW/Chase
    Friday: 1-3pm, PW/Chase

Where We Are

Our staff team will be working both on-campus and remotely. In our spring survey asking for your preferences on programs, services and 1:1 appointments with counselors, you clearly told us you wanted options. We will therefore continue to offer both in-person and Zoom meetings. Your wish is our command! 

 On-campus, you can find us in two locations: Canham House (146 Wood Street, above left) and Chase Hall (56 Campus Ave, above right).

Chase Hall is one of the several locations in which we host drop-in hours! Keep an eye out for our drop-in schedule– these are blocks of time where our Purposeful Work Fellows and Staff members are open and available to help you with resumes, cover letters, job + internship search, or just to chat about all the resources PW has to offer you. And even if you don’t have any specific questions yet, please stop by – we’d love to meet you!

Schedule a Meeting

  • To schedule an individual meeting, make an appointment via Handshake directly (login to Handshake, go to the upper tab “Career Center” and then click “Appointments”). You have the option to select one of the following mediums:
    1. Zoom (we will send a link to your Bates email) 
    2. Phone (please provide a phone number in the Handshake notes or over the phone)
    3. Google Meet
  • Once you’ve scheduled…
    1. For any appointment medium: Check your email or Google Calendar for the meeting invitation detailing your counselor’s name and phone number, as well as applicable meeting links.

What’s Happening Now