Short Term Practicum in Digital Marketing: Changing the Art and Science of Marketing

ashley-hartLead Instructor: Ashley Hart ’91

Course Overview: 

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, which includes developing skills in the understanding of a company brand, Google search engine marketing, copywriting, marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and building metrics to track marketing success.  The course will provide the basic understanding of how digital marketing impacts and drives all aspects of a company’s business processes. At the end of the course, students will have learned how to create a digital marketing strategy, market a company brand, and launch digital marketing campaigns to build company brand awareness to purchasers of that brand’s services and/or products. Offered in 2017. (Garnet Gateway listing)

Learning Objectives:

  • Work in a professional team environment to develop a marketing campaign
  • Build and present messaging of a new company brand, created by the students in the course
  • Create Buyer Personas to establish who the customers are that the company wants to target to market their goods
  • Build customer research surveys to understand Buyer Personas to target digital marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Create a digital marketing strategy that offers multiple ways to drive prospects/leads to a company brand’s website
  • Write business digital advertisements for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) sites, such as on Google and Yahoo
  • Utilize Social Media digital platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to market a company’s website
  • Learn and build Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  for digital marketing tracking
  • Learn to use cloud-based reporting tools to track digital marketing success

Instructor Bio

M.E. Ashley Hart is a 25-year marketing and lead generation specialist, as well as an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Ashley Hart Marketing, a Marketing Consultant organization that includes clients from various industries, such as online gaming, education software, ERP software, telecommunications, retail, social media platform, security software, online video, eCommerce, and finance.  Also, since 2008, Ms. Hart has served as the Marketing Principal for Insight Onsite, a consultant division of Insight Venture Partners, which she has advised in digital marketing and marketing team re-structuring of over 45 of the 125, Insight-owned portfolio companies in the tech sector.

In the last 20 years, Ms. Hart has focused her efforts on developing B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies for Fortune 500 to mid-level growth companies, such as Infor Global Solutions, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, The Coca-Cola Company, Fourth Software, Illuminate Education, Achieve 3000, Virgin Pulse, FilmTrack, Tongal, Kaplan Educational Centers, ECi Software Solutions, Academic Partnerships, and Prior to Ashley Hart Marketing, Ms. Hart served as the SVP of Marketing & Sales for the gaming companies, e-PokerUSA Inc., in which she successfully introduced the revolutionary downloadable game, Duplicate Poker™, to the online gaming industry and served as VP of Marketing to the Game Show Network, LLC formerly SkillJam Technologies, Inc. (a FUN Technologies Company – NASDAQ: ‘FUN’).  Previous to SkillJam, Ms. Hart was the founder and President to 156 Productions, a marketing solutions & digital design company for over 7 years, and Chief Operations Officer and Director of Marketing for the start-up company, Creative Explosions Inc. in Palo Alto, California, in which she was in charge of launching the first-ever animated avatar search platform system for online.

In addition to Ms. Hart’s role at Ashley Hart Marketing and Insight Venture Partners, she consulted for the non-profit organization Polar Bears International.  Polar Bears International raises awareness and finances scientific study on the plight of the polar bear in the arctic.

Ms. Hart earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at Bates College, as well as additional political science studies at Columbia University.  She presently lives in Manhattan.