Worlds of Work

Internships and On-Campus Employment

Purposeful Work Internships

170703_laura_nguyen_times_0417Through the Purposeful Work Internship Program, students explore interests, deepen skills, and build networks during the summer.  The program, open to first-years through juniors, gives students tools they need to deepen what they learn through their internship, as well as access to Bates-specific paid internships with core employers in diverse industries and locations, and the chance to apply for a summer stipend for any unpaid or low-paying internship.

After an enriching and reflective experience, students return to campus ready to connect their summer experience to their studies and present on what they’ve learned during their time in a professional environment.

Components of the program include:

  • Comprehensive and personalized learning experience
  • Career Counseling and Online Modules that will help strengthen application materials through the Center for Purposeful Work
  • Participation in a virtual cohort to encourage reflection and discussion of personalized goals with fellow Bates students
  • Intentional work experience

The options to participate in the Purposeful Work Internship Program are flexible. To learn more, or get started, please visit the our internships page.

Student Employment Development and Reflection Program

Meaningful work happens every day on campus. Through student employment, you develop concrete, transferable skills and build your professional network. The Student Employment Development & Reflection Program supports students and supervisors on the Bates Campus in setting goals, discussing performance, reflecting on growth, and articulating skills gained.

Participants in the program will:

  • Attend an orientation session
  • Create learning goals
  • Engage in performance reviews at the middle and end of the year
  • Complete reflection surveys
  • Join peers for two workshops during the year

As a student in the program, you will develop concrete skills and practice articulating these skills. You will deepen your self-awareness and build confidence, informing your decisions about where and how you spend your time as a student at Bates and preparing you for future interviews and performance evaluations in careers post-Bates.

As a supervisor in the program, you will access guidance, resources, and a cohort of peers developing your role as a manager.  

How Do I Get Involved?

Any and all supervisors and students may opt into the program. Supervisors who have already opted in reference the program in their Handshake job postings. Students hired into these positions receive orientation information once hired.

Contact Amy Wooldridge, Associate Director, if you’re interested in participating.