Practitioner-Taught Course Proposal

Thank you for your interest in teaching a Purposeful Work Practitioner-Taught Course during Short Term. Please provide the following information to begin the course proposal process.

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  • A simple title to appear in the online course catalog. This should describe clearly the topic of the course.
  • Feel free to add more color to the course title here. The subtitle is helpful for marketing to students.
  • Provide a concise description of the course topic, skills, expected outcomes, and/or activities. This description appears in the online registration system used by students. Please use present tense and limit course description to 100 words. Descriptions not meeting these criteria may be edited.
  • Please give an overview of the focus of the course, the content and the value to the students (purpose of the course).
  • Establish 4-6 clearly stated learning goals related to the knowledge and skills to be covered. Aim for expressions of goals that describe the action of the skills you will teach, rather than such verbs as “understand,” “appreciate,” and “gain insight.”
  • Briefly describe likely assignments and their connection to the above learning goals. Include description of the course's final project/product.
  • How will you assess whether students are meeting above-stated learning goals?
  • Provide a general outline of topics to be covered each week; possible class activities/visitors/field trips, etc.
  • Do you plan to have class field trips, guest speakers, software subscriptions, or other expenses for your course? Please list those here, and estimate costs to the best of your ability. We will work with you on budgeting and logistics.
  • List likely readings, videos, other materials. This can be a partial list to be finalized after acceptance, while creating the syllabus.
  • Provide biographical information about the practitioner(s), indicating qualifications and experiences relevant to the topic of the course.
  • List either specific hours if known, or intended method of making appointments/ communicating with students outside of class.
  • Additional Course Attributes
    Prerequisites: None Open to: All Students
    Enrollment Limit: 16 Instructor Permission Required
    Grading: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Frequency: One Time Offering
  • Submission of Proposal: When you click the Submit button below, your proposal will be delivered to Marianne Cowan. Consider this your first draft. You can send additional information or material to Marianne at mcowan AT bates DOT edu.

    Review of Proposed Courses: Proposals are reviewed by members of the Purposeful Work Design Team, the Purposeful Work Advisory Board, and the Office of the VPAA/DOF, in consultation with other relevant faculty and staff. Proposers will typically be asked to revise their proposals during the review process.


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