DegreeAudit Student FAQ

Below are common questions regarding the new DegreeAudit program. You can also email with feedback, questions, and updates.

1) How do I find DegreeAudit?
To access the new system log into Garnet Gateway and click on the “DegreeAudit” link under Students menu.

2) Can my advisor see my audit?
Yes, your advisor also has access to the audit so they can assist you in planning your curriculum and tracking your requirements for graduation

3) How fresh is the information on the audit?
The data that appears on the audit is from a live sync with the student database, Banner, so it always contains the most up-to-date information. All degree requirements you are responsible for completing are included.

4) How can I have my study abroad or transfer credit count for a requirement?
Please just bring a copy of the signed form to us at the time of approval or send it to us in campus mail. Such forms are the Transfer Credit Application form for transfer credit and the Off-Campus Study approval forms for General Education, Majors, and Minors for students on JSA/JYA.

5) If I got approval last year for my study abroad/transfer credit to count for a requirement do I have to redo it?
No, any past approvals (e.g. for study abroad credit to count for a major requirement or for a transfer credit to count for a gen ed requirement) that we have here on file are being entered into the system. If you don’t see it on your audit please bring a copy of the approval in to the Registrar’s Office as we may just have not been given a copy in the past.

6) My major has a track as part of the requirements. How do I let you know which track I’m following?
If your major/minor requirements have a track, focus, area, or concentration for all or a portion of those requirements we are gathering that information now for current students represent that track/focus/area/concentration. If you have not yet received an email from us feel free to stop in Libbey to let us know which track you are following within your major/minor.

7) What if I have questions?
Come by Libbey M-F 9:00-4:00. Also questions can be sent to a new dedicated email just for this program:

With the inclusion of major and minor requirements into a new system we know there will be a period of adjustment. If you notice anything that doesn’t reflect your understanding of your requirements just let us know and we’ll look into it.