Addendum to the Winter 2021 Schedule of Courses

With the cancellation of Short Term, faculty have added new sections of some existing winter courses or have added seats to existing courses. There are also a few new courses that have been added to the winter semester. See below.

Registration Adjustment (Add/Drop)
Saturday, January 23rd – winter 2021 registration closes to all
Monday, January 25th – registration re-opens 10:00am – First-Years, 11:00am – Sophomores, 12:00pm – Juniors, and 1:00pm – Seniors. Once registration is open to a class, it will remain open until the last day to add. 

Please note, in several cases where a new course section is being added the limit on the original section will be lowered to match the new section. Faculty are requesting that students in the original section that can move to the new section do so in order to even out the registrations in each section. The faculty reserve the right to balance sections if needed.

Winter Semester Registration Dates
Monday, January 25 — Registration Adjustment (Add/Drop) for winter courses opens at 10:00amWednesday, February 17  — Classes begin, winter semester / module C and full semester courses
Wednesday, February 24 — Last day for module C and full semester registration adjustments and to select pass/fail grading
Wednesday, March 17 — Last day for withdrawal from module C courses and to revert pass/fail grading to letter grade
Monday, April 5  — Classes begin, winter semester / Module D
Friday, April 16 — Last day for module D registration adjustments and to select pass/fail grading
Friday April 30 — Last day for withdrawal from module D and full semester courses and to revert pass/fail grading to letter grade

New Course or SectionTitleModChangeTimeDeliveryInstructor
AFES 239  Anti-Blackness and the EnvironmentCnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sectionsTBAremoteCassandra Shepard
AFHI 280Health and Healing in AfricaCnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections2:45-4:30pmmixedPatrick Otim
AFR 352Re-Writing, Re-Reading Lovecraft: Race in Mid-Century America through Popular MediaDnew course, limit 1512:30-2:15pmin-personSue Houchins
AMAN 112Production and REproduction: Experimental Archaeology LabDnew course, limit 157:00-10:00pmremoteKristen Barnett
AMPY 377Psychology of Oppression and LiberationCnew course, limit 152:45-4:30pmmixedYun Garrison
ASHI 110 East Asia between Tradition and ModernityDnew section – 12 new seats across 2 sections12:30-2:15pmmixedChi Zhang
ASHI 274China in RevolutionCnew section – 11 new seats across 2 sections2:45-4:30pmmixedWes Chaney
ASJA 125 Japanese Literature and SocietyDnew section – 8 new seats across 2 sections12:30-2:15pmremoteJustine Wiesinger
AVAS 247 The Art of Zen BuddhismCnew section – 15 new seats2:45-4:30pmmixedTrian Nguyen
AVC 203Ceramic Design and TechniquesDnew section – 8 new seats – 4 FY, 4 SO12:30-4:30pmin-personSusan Dewsnap
AVCM 251 The Age of the CathedralsCnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections12:30-2:15pmmixedBeth Woodward
BIO 195ELab-Based Biological Inquiry: Sponge Fluid DynamicsDnew section – 16 new seats, FY only 2:45-4:30pmTBAAndrew Mountcastle
CHEM 303 Modern Data Acquisition and AnalysisDnew section – 5 new seats across 2 sections12:30-2:15pmin-personMatt Cote/ Michael Somer
CHEM 308 Topics in Physical ChemistryDcancelled
CMEN 104Introduction to Medieval English LiteratureCnew section – 5 new seats across 2 sections10:15am-12:00pmremoteSylvia Federico
DCS 109Intro to Computing/ProgrammingCnew section, limit 25TBAremoteAnelise Shrout/ Barry Lawson/ Carrie Diaz Eaton
EACS 305Current Topics in Climate and Environmental ChangeDnew course, limit 122:45-4:30pmmixedBev Johnson
ECON 223Law and EconomicsCnew section – 19 new seats12:30-2:15pmmixedJonny Kurzfeld
EDES 222Community Writing and GardensDnew course, limit 1512:30-2:15pmTBAStephanie Wade
EDUC 221Theory and Practice of Writing and TutoringCnew course. Limit 157:00-10:00pmmixedBridget Fullerton
ENES 121QThe Lives of RiversDnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections8:00-09:45amremoteMyra Wright
ENVR 124Managing the Gulf of Maine: Climate Change and Impacts on Coastal Communitiesnew course, limit 15TBATBACaitlin Cleaver
EUS 101Introduction to EuropeDlimit increased to 607:00-10:00pmremoteFrancesca Lopez
FRE 151Gender, Race, and Social Class in French and Francophone FilmDnew section – 10 new seats across 2 sections12:30-2:15pmmixedAlex Dauge-Roth
GER 247Technology and Its Discontents: The History, Philosophy, and Critiques of Scientific InnovationCnew course, limit 157:00-10:00pmmixedAndrew Hamilton
HISP 201Intermediate Spanish IDadd 7 seats10:15am-12:00pmremoteLaura Fernandez
HISP 202Intermediate Spanish IICadd 7 seats12:30-02:15pmremoteLaura Fernandez
HIST 140Origins of the New Nation, 1500-1820Cnew section – 8 new seats across 2 sections2:45-4:30pmremoteErik Reardon
HILS 279The Age of Revolution: Latin American EditionDadd 11 seats12:30-2:15pmmixedKaren Melvin
HIST 399Historical MethodsCadd 4 seats2:45-4:30pmmixedKaren Melvin
INDS 301DUS Immigration in the 20th Century: A Gender PerspectiveCnew section – 12 new seats across 2 sections12:30-2:15pmremoteJeanne Essame
MATH 233Mathematics for Social JusticeDnew course, limit 257:00-10:00pmTBAAdriana Salerno/ Katy Ott
PHYS 222Electricity, Magnetism, and WavesCnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections2:45-4:30pmmixedHong Lin
PHYS 361 Thermal PhysicsCcancelled
PLTC 230The U.S. CongressCnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections8:00-09:45ammixedJohn Baughman
RFSS 186Introduction to Argumentation – Cancelled
SOC 103Macrosociology: Institutions and StructuresDnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections10:15am-12:00pmremoteBen Moodie
SOC 211Crime, Justice, and SocietyDnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections10:15am-12:00pmin-personMike Rocque
THEA 261 Beginning ActingDnew section – 15 new seats across 2 sections10:15am-12:00pmremoteCliff Odle