Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classroom Request

Faculty should complete this form to request a classroom assignment in one of the new Active Learning spaces in Carnegie for the Winter 2018 Semester. Please submit your request by November 17th. Availability is limited. We will try to accommodate everyone interested in the spaces in either the fall or winter semester. * Please use the Classroom Preferences page in Garnet Gateway as usual for all other classroom requests.
  • Which course would you like scheduled in one of the Active Learning rooms?
  • Please select which room you would prefer. If you don't have a preference, please check "either."
  • Please note how you plan to utilize the Active Learning capabilities of the room (bullet points or general notes are fine)
  • Please indicate your willingness to provide feedback regarding your teaching experience so the Classroom Committee, Dean of Faculty's Office, and Grants Office can assess outcomes of the Active Learning renovations and provide required feedback to the George I. Alden trust.


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