Grids & Faculty Workload

The Grid and Two-Year Workload applications in Garnet Gateway allow department/program chairs to plan course offerings for the next two academic years and to submit these plans to the CCC and/or Dean of Faculty’s office for approval.


  • Each January, chairs submit a fall, winter, and short term grid for the next academic year to the CCC. So, right now the grids would be for fall 13, winter 14 and short term 14.

Two-Year Workload

  • Each January-February, chairs submit Workload plans (courses without times) to the Dean of Faculty’s office for the next two academic years.
  • In the Workload application, there is a tab for the next academic year and a tab for the year after that (see below). So, right now the two tabs are for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. Click on the academic year label to toggle between the tabs.
  • The tricky aspect is that since the 2013-2014 workload for your department/program was submitted last year at this time (as part of the 12-13, 13-14 Two-Year Workloads) there is already data in the Workload application for 2013-2014. In order to save you time in completing the grids, this information was fed into the fall 13, winter 14, short term 14 grids to prepopulate them.
  • As you now work on refining the 2013-2014 grids, that information will automatically flow back to the 2013-2014 tab in Workload. You can also edit 2013-2014 parameters not collected in the grid such as teaching credits.
  • For the Two-Year Workloads all that needs to be done now is enter 2014-2015 workloads and edit 2013-2014 non-grid information as needed.