Fall 2020 Class Schedule updates

Dear Returning Students,

Since announcing the change to a semester structure consisting of two 7.5 week modules, the Registrar’s Office team has been working with our programmers and the faculty to modify the existing Fall 2020 Schedule of Courses and migrate your existing fall course schedules to the modules for the fall semester. We thank you for your patience as we navigated a myriad of intricacies while also attending to registration for the incoming first-year class, which is currently in-progress.

Please be aware of the following details related to course enrollment and the modules in a semester.

Courseload – The standard course load this fall and winter semester remains 4 courses, just spread over two 7.5 week modules. Most students will take 2 courses in each module for a total of 4 each semester. Each semester, you must register for a minimum of 3.0 credits as always to be a full-time student and you can’t register for more than 5.5 credits. New this year is that you must be registered for at least 1.0 credit in each module. 

To give you a sense of what this will look like, you can take 2.0 credits in module A and 2.0 in module B for a total of 4 in the fall semester. Alternatively, you can take 2.5 in module A and 1.5 in module B and have 4 credits. You could also take 1.0 in module A and 3.0 in module B. Please remember that  standard progress to graduation remains 4.0 credits per semester.

The Schedule of Courses – The Schedule of Courses has been modified to reflect the modules, A and B, and the Schedule Search functionality will allow you to search by module. The Schedule of Courses has also been updated to reflect the delivery method of each course as specified by each instructor: in-person delivery, a mix of online and in-person, or remote only. This designation can be found with other attributes on each course and can be searched. 

Please note that all courses for the fall semester will be available to students electing to remain home and study remotely for the fall semester. Students who plan to return to campus should anticipate having a combination of in-person and remote learning experiences. However, students who return to campus may elect to enroll in all remote learning courses.

Class Meeting Times – The meeting times of courses have been adjusted to accommodate the modules. Please note, although the Schedule of Courses lists courses meeting for all five days of the week, you will not necessarily meet the full time. Your instructor will include the actual meeting times slot for your course on the syllabus.

Registering for Modules – The fall and winter terms are still semesters, just broken into two modules. When we get to add/drop for the fall semester in August, you’ll be able to make class changes for modules A and B at the same time. In November, you’ll register for modules C and D together.

Your Existing Schedule – Your fall courses have been migrated to the fall semester modules A and B. Please review your Detail Schedule in Garnet Gateway to see the impacts of this change. Some courses may now have conflicts you’ll want to correct during the add/drop period in August.

Add/Drop – For many students, the fall courses you are registered for will slot into module A and B without any issues. As some may have a time conflict to sort out or reasons to make changes to their schedule, we’ll be opening Add/Drop early this year on August 28. Please stay tuned for more details as we get closer to this date.

Here are a few FAQs that may be helpful.

What do I do if my courses are all in one module or the other or all my courses are remote and I plan to be on campus in the fall? 

We recognize that some students will be disproportionately impacted by these changes. We are not able to open registration for upperclass students to make changes until August 28th, however, if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having all remote courses or all courses in one module or the other, please complete the Request Registration Adjustment Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. We may be able to suggest alternates, like a different section, or help you make changes to your schedule.

I noticed a course was cancelled. Are there new courses to choose from?

Yes, there are over 25 new courses that have been added to the Schedule of Courses since registration closed on June 1st. Additionally, some courses cancelled for the fall semester have just been moved to the winter semester and will be available for registration in November for the winter semester.

Will I have to complete thesis in 7.5 weeks?
No, thesis, like a few other courses, will run for the duration of the full semester across the two modules. It will still carry 1.0 credit per semester so you’ll want to count your credits based on the semester.

If I am studying remotely, can I register for a course that will be meeting in-person on campus?
Yes, all courses are available to all students. Faculty are preparing their courses so that remote students will be able to participate in the course and learn the same material as their on-campus classmates.

I am considering a leave and want to go over my Degree Requirements and credits with someone from the Registrar’s Office. Can I do that?
Yes, we are happy to speak with students regarding requirements and progress towards the degree. Please email registrar@bates.edu to set up a call or zoom appointment.

Please know, we recognize this is a stressful time as students make decisions regarding their fall semester. We are standing by to assist you and will do all we can to help you make progress towards your academic goals this fall.

I wish you all well and hope you are enjoying a pleasant summer.