Outdoor Spaces for Fall 2020

Recognizing the benefits of being outdoors, especially this fall, the college has made available the following outdoor spaces which may be reserved through EMS. Classes and other academic activities will have priority. Theses spaces do have seating though there is no technology or covering unless it is located under an existing structure.

Please note, masks should continue to be worn during classes that meet outside. The 6′ rule is based on the concept of droplet spread – which can vary depend on what the uncovered person is doing. Current health protocols are that if you are in a group, inside or out, you should wear a mask.

Den Terrace16
Florence Kegwin Amphitheater50
Ladd Library Arcade26
Ladd Library Terrace10
Mays Center Outside9
Muskie Gardens20
Pettengill Amphitheater12

1) These outdoor spaces are ad-hoc for academic-related and must be reserved through EMS.
2) As these are outdoor spaces instructors may need to request people move for the duration of the reservation.