Registration Fall 2021 – Reserved Seats

Reserved Seats

Q. What are reserved seats?

A. Reserved seats allow an instructor to designate a certain number of seats in their course for a particular group of students, usually by class year or by major or minor. They may choose to set some seats aside for one group, or to set all of the seats aside for a variety of groups. If an instructor doesn’t reserve all of the seats in their course, the unreserved seats are available to any student who meets the course requirements (including prerequisites, class restrictions, etc.).

Q. Does every course have reserved seats? How do I tell if one does? How do I know how many seats are reserved for which students?

A. If an instructor has designated reserved seats for their course, that information can be found in the Schedule of Courses.
This course has a capacity of 10. There are 4 seats available for first-year students, 4 seats available for sophomores, and 2 unreserved seats available to any student (including first-years and sophomores).

This course has a capacity of 29. There are 6 seats available for first-year students, 6 seats available for sophomores, 10 seats available for sociology majors, and 7 unreserved seats available to any student (including first-years, sophomores, and sociology majors).

This course has a capacity of 15, with all seats available to history majors and minors and no unreserved seats.

Q. What happens if the reserved seats that would be available to me are full?

A. If the course has unreserved seats remaining, you will be able to add the course even if the reserve that applies to you is at capacity. If the course has no unreserved seats, or if the unreserved seats are also full, you will receive a registration error and your registration will not be processed. You will need to pick a different course to add.