Registration Fall 2021 – Waitlisted Courses


Q. Do all courses have a waitlist? How can I tell if one does?

A. Not all courses use the waitlist option. If the course you are interested in registering for has a waitlist option, it will be listed in the Schedule of Courses, which can be accessed either from the registration system within Garnet Gateway or from outside of Garnet Gateway.

Once the maximum number of students have claimed a spot on the waitlist, the waitlist will be closed until someone removes themselves from the waitlist or gains a seat in the course.

Q. The course I want is full and the schedule shows that it has a waitlist with available space. How do I put myself on the waitlist?

A. If a course you want to add is full, you will not be able to select it with the checkbox that you would use to add an open course. You will need to note or copy the CRN of the course and navigate to the Add Courses Worksheet section of the Add/Drop Courses page in registration. Type or paste the CRN into one of the boxes and click Submit Changes. You must meet all other registration requirements for the course, including prerequisites, permissions, class restrictions, etc.

The Registration Errors section of the page will show that the course is closed. If you want to add yourself to the waitlist, select Wait List from the Change Status dropdown and click Submit Changes.

If you’re successful in joining the waitlist the course will appear in your schedule with a status of Waitlist.

Q. What happens next?

A. You will receive an automated email if a seat becomes available for you. You are not registered for the course at this point. You will have 12 hours from the timestamp on the email to register yourself for that class in Garnet Gateway. If your notification expires and you miss that 12-hour window you will need to re-add yourself to the waitlist.

If you decide prior to receiving a notification that you don’t want to be on the waitlist any longer, please drop that course in Garnet Gateway as soon as possible so that the next student can be accommodated more quickly.

Q. If I’m on the waitlist, will I definitely get into the course?

A. No. Waitlists are first-come, first-served and there is no guarantee that any student on a waitlist will eventually be invited to register. The chances are better for a student with a higher position on the waitlist, but even the first student on the waitlist may never be offered a seat. There’s no way to know what the chances of gaining entry to a particular course from the waitlist are, since it depends on registered students dropping. In general, you should not plan on getting into a course that you’ve waitlisted and should register for a full schedule of other courses.

Q. How can I tell what my position is on the waitlist?

A. Navigate to your Detailed Schedule from the student menu in Garnet Gateway. In addition to showing your registered courses, any course that you’ve waitlisted will appear with more information about your spot on the waitlist.

Q. What if a course that I want is full and does not offer a waitlist?

A. Registration for seats that open up in a course without a waitlist are available on a first-come, first-served basis.