Late Registration

Students are fully responsible for adhering to faculty legislated registration deadlines as printed in the Bates Catalog.

If a student requests a registration adjustment after the deadline, the Registrar and Academic Systems office administers late fees according to the schedule below, set by the Academic Standing Committee. When it is determined that the cause for the late registration or registration adjustment is considered an administrative error on the part of the student,* the adjustment is made by the Registrar’s staff only after the student pays the late fee and completes and submits the completed registration adjustment form. The Committee on Academic Standing reviews all other requests for late registration adjustments that are not considered purely administrative in nature.

Fee schedule for student’s failure to register or make a registration adjustment by the faculty legislated deadline:

$10 First-year students, first offense
$50 First-year students, second offense and upper class students, first offense
$100 First-year students, third offense** and upper class students, second offense
$150 upper class students, third offense**

The committee on academic standing will establish the fee amount and all other requirements for late registration for any student who continues to be non-compliant after the third time.

Note: Per faculty legislation, students may add courses during the first five class days of the semester. During the second five class days of a semester, students may add courses with the permission of the instructor. Students may drop courses until the end of the seventh full week of the semester.

*The definition of an “administrative” error includes student failure to check his or her schedule, to follow or learn the established procedures, or reliance on others to complete registration on his or her behalf. The instructor, however, must still verify appropriate student attendance or non-attendance since before/after the deadline before the student may make a registration adjustment. All other situations must be reviewed by the committee.

** Any student who has more than two times failed to comply with deadlines must both pay the late fee and petition the Committee on Academic Standing, presenting a plan for future compliance with deadlines.