Revised Classroom/Teaching Space Capacities 2020-21

The spaces below include spaces scheduled for courses by the Registrar and those scheduled for courses by Departments/Programs (e.g. labs, studios). Some spaces are still under review and are subject to change. Room layouts will be added as soon as they are available.

Teaching Lab/Studio space capacities are solely based on six-foot spacing. We understand the use of equipment in lab/studio spaces will impact capacities. A dialog with Instructors and Facility Services is necessary to verify and adjust capacities.

BuildingRoomRoom DescriptionOriginal CapacityCOVID Capacity
Carnegie Science 111Classroom3010
Carnegie Science 113Classroom6924
Carnegie Science 204Lecture Hall12819
Carnegie Science 206Teaching Lab116
Carnegie Science 208Teaching Lab155
Carnegie Science 215Teaching Lab167
Carnegie Science 219Teaching Lab3411
Carnegie Science 225Enhanced Technology Classroom4016
Carnegie Science 230Seminar Classroom166
Carnegie Science 231Teaching Lab1112
Carnegie Science 301Teaching Lab3322
Carnegie Science 316Computer Lab1910
Carnegie Science 321Seminar Classroom153
Carnegie Science 325Teaching Lab115
Carnegie Science 328Computer Lab1015
Carnegie Science 339Enhanced Technology Classroom3612
Carnegie Science 401Teaching Lab188
Carnegie Science 425Teaching Lab1710
Carnegie Science 429Seminar Classroom146
Carnegie Science 430Teaching Lab1910
Carnegie Science 431Teaching Lab148
Carnegie Science 437Teaching Lab128
Carnegie Science 444Teaching Lab2115
Carnegie Science 524Teaching Lab198
Carnegie Science 534Teaching Lab168
Carnegie Science 605Teaching Lab21
Carnegie Science B21ATeaching Lab2412
Dana Chemistry Hall106Teaching Lab2511
Dana Chemistry Hall119Lecture Hall8032
Dana Chemistry Hall206Teaching Lab2811
Dana Chemistry Hall219Computer Lab158
Dana Chemistry Hall300Enhanced Technology Classroom4014
Dana Chemistry Hall306Teaching Lab09
Dana Chemistry Hall312Teaching Lab186
Hathorn Hall100Classroom3212
Hathorn Hall104Classroom5018
Hathorn Hall207Computer Classroom2611
Hathorn Hall303Classroom3911
Hathorn Hall305Classroom164
Hathorn Hall314Classroom2410
Hedge Hall106Classroom5120
Hedge Hall208Classroom3115
Hedge HallG18Computer Classroom3216
Olin Arts Center104Classroom9616
Olin Arts Center105Classroom7212
Olin Arts Center115Teaching Lab132
Olin Arts Center119Teaching Lab61
Olin Arts Center121Teaching Lab61
Olin Arts Center128Classroom289
Olin Arts Center130Classroom246
Olin Arts Center132Teaching Lab214
Olin Arts Center134Teaching Lab224
Olin Arts Center135Teaching Lab155
Olin Arts Center136Teaching Lab258
Olin Arts Center137Teaching Lab1010
Olin Arts Center223Teaching Lab143
Olin Arts Center248Seminar Classroom165
Olin Arts Center250Seminar Classroom166
Olin Arts Center253Teaching Lab214
Olin Arts Center255Teaching Lab224
Olin Arts Center257Teaching Lab224
Olin Arts Center259Teaching Lab7115
Olin Arts Center302Teaching Lab87
Olin Arts Center302ATeaching Lab51
Olin Arts Center321Teaching Lab106
Pettengill Hall116Classroom249
Pettengill Hall127Seminar Classroom167
Pettengill Hall151Seminar Classroom147
Pettengill Hall162Classroom2812
Pettengill Hall227Computer Classroom4221
Pettengill Hall257Classroom269
Pettengill Hall312Seminar Classroom256
Pettengill Hall321Psychology Lab259
Pettengill Hall329Computer Classroom4221
Pettengill HallG10Classroom269
Pettengill HallG17Anthropology Lab3214
Pettengill HallG21Classroom5522
Pettengill HallG50Classroom2612
Pettengill HallG52Keck Lecture Hall9243
Pettengill HallG54Classroom2510
Pettengill HallG63Seminar Classroom188
Pettengill HallG65Classroom5027
Pettigrew Hall100Theater Design Studio1614
Pettigrew Hall200Classroom4215
Pettigrew Hall300Classroom5521
Pettigrew Hall301Lecture Hall13440
Roger Williams Hall215Classroom2512
Roger Williams Hall315Classroom2512
Roger Williams Hall316Seminar Classroom124
Roger Williams Hall413Classroom2513
Roger Williams HallG18Classroom3017
Schaeffer Theatre127Black Box Theater6
Schaeffer Theatre204Auditorium40
Schaeffer Theatre204Stage12