Straub, Carl B.

S.T.B., Ph.D., Harvard; L.H.D.; B.A., Colgate

Professor Straub, who first came to Bates in 1965, earned his B.A. from Colgate, and his theological degree and his Ph.D. from Harvard. During his tenure at the College he has also taught in the Cultural Heritage program and in the interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program. He is the Clark A. Griffith Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies. He also served for 17 years as the Dean of the Faculty and the College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs. In retirement he has continued to do research and write about the impact of ecological places on quintessentially human constructions such as religion. He has recently published a manuscript on the American Shakers’ interpretation of the land.  Professor Straub also continues to write essays and give public presentations on the “cultural harvests” of land conservation, and on the importance of land stewardship in the agendas for both religious communities and civic engagements.