B-side guidelines

Wondering what B-side is all about? Here are some guidelines for “Stranger in a Strange Land” stories:


1. FIVE MINUTES: Each open-mic story that is selected to be told will be limited to five minutes.

2. FIRST PERSON: Tell a story about something you directly experienced, either by yourself, or along with others. It shouldn’t be someone else’s story.

3. FUNDAMENTAL-FACTUAL: Even though good storytelling may involve a little “polishing” of some minor details, at its core, the story you tell must be true. So, for instance, if you’ve never been to Egypt, then your story shouldn’t be about when you went to Egypt.

4. FORMAT: No folk tales, musical instruments, poetry, spoken-word, mime, or other genres are appropriate for B-side. The format is limited to true, first-person stories.

5. FREE OF NOTES: No written material of any sort, such as notes, will be permitted when telling your story. We in the audience will want to see you have fun telling your story, not reading it.

We look forward to hearing your “Stranger in a Strange Land” stories at Reunion 2016!

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