Reunion 2012

Post-Reunion Coverage

Fireworks over Lake Andrews are among the many fun and occasionally wondrous moments of Reunion. Photograph by H. Lincoln Benedict ’09.

Spencer: Liberal arts colleges face tough times — but Bates is ready

Fast-changing technological and economic relationships “are changing the place of America in the world, and of higher education in America,” the next Bates president told alumni gathered for Reunion 2012. And in the face of that challenge, Clayton Spencer wondered, how should Bates respond?

Slide Show: Alumni Parade

Video: Alumni Parade

Ever since the Alumni Association made a call for a “program of general merrymaking by the different classes,” the Alumni Parade has been fun for all ages.

Patkin ’57 and Wilson ’62 receive Alumni Association awards

Read the citations for this year’s award recipients, Judy Kent Patkin ’57 and Edmund Wilson ’62.

Slide Show: Touching moments

Video: The Outing Club is moving!

Reunion alums touring the old Equipment Room in Hathorn offer comments on the tradition-steeped space. This fall, the Bates Outing Club’s E-Room and club meeting room move from Hathorn and Alumni Gym, respectively, into spaces in renovated Chase Hall.

Patkin’s Action aids post-Soviet Jews

The poor and elderly Jews of the former Soviet Union have a champion: Judy Kent Patkin ’57, recipient of the Alumni Association’s highest honor, the Benjamin E. Mays Medal.

Alumni show off creative drive — including cars

Mac Reid ’67 celebrates the creativity of automotive design at Reunion Weekend’s exhibition Artists, Artisans, and Authors.

Slide Show: Fireworks

President-elect Spencer pays a visit to ’62

On Friday afternoon President-elect Clayton Spencer met with the 50th Reunion class, sharing a bit about her background and asking the attendees what they value most about Bates.

Slide Show: Outdoor fun

Art scholar and curator Wanda Corn ’62 puts on a show

Wanda Jones Corn ’62 kept her classmates riveted during her talk on American art history.

Slide Show: Nighttime fun

When the sun goes down at Reunion, things start firing up!

Video: BatesStar students offer their take on Reunion

Year after year, BatesStar students help make Reunion a blast.

The Alumni Memorial Service

View the print program for the 2012 Alumni Memorial Service, a worship in celebration of the lives of Bates women and men who have died during the past year.