Faculty Leadership

About John Smedley, Director of the Bates Science Fellows Program.


smedleyj-200x300John Smedley is Professor of Physics at Bates, and also a member of the Environmental Studies Program committee. Early in his career he taught a range of core courses in the physics major, from introductory to advanced levels. In time, John developed a series of introductory courses for nonmajors including Musical Acoustics, Energy and Environment, and The Physics of Sports. Most recently he has created a series of intermediate courses at the interface of physics and environmental studies, including Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Modeling, and The Electric Grid. An accomplished guitarist and composer, John occasionally teaches a Music Short Term course, Exploring Jazz Guitar.

John was among the first in his family to attend institutions of higher education. After majoring in chemistry and physics at Colby, John received the Ph.D. in chemical physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he studied small molecule collisions and photophysics.