SECURITY ALERT 07/18/2013- Burglaries


Members of the Bates Community,


Bates Security and the Lewiston Police Department are continuing to work hard on the recent burglaries in the area. With these efforts, some new information has been gathered that I would like to share with you.

The Burglaries continue with the latest one as recent as yesterday afternoon between the hours of 4pm and 6pm.

The latest information is as follows:

A group of Somali males have been observed in the area directly before and/or after a reported burglary has taken place. The Lewiston Police Department has noted that recent reports have indicated that groups of three Somali males are committing the acts together. It has been noted by many community members that in the past few days a group of Somali Males have shown up either knocking on their residence doors or ringing the doorbell to see if anyone is home at the time. If a homeowner comes to the door, they will either ask about a certain address or state they are looking for someone (giving a fake name).  If the door is not answered, the group has then entered the residence through a window on the backside of the house. These incidents are taking place during daytime and night hours.

It is strongly encouraged, even though the weather is currently hot and humid that you lock and secure all windows and screens in your residences before leaving for the day. Report all suspicious activity Bates Security at 207-786-6254 or the Lewiston Police Department (9-1-1) immediately.

It is believed that the group may be traveling in a gray Nissan Murano with Maine registration 1585NE. If this vehicle is spotted in the area, please contact Bates Security at 207-786-6254 or the Lewiston Police Department (9-1-1) immediately.


Another suspicious person incident has been recently noted in the area. A Caucasian female knocking on residence doors asking for money. The female has gained entry into several residences this way as people have invited her in and provided her with money. The female individual has made up several stories as to why she needs the money (ie: her grandmother was in a bad accident and needs medical attention, her grandmother needs insulin and Rite Aid will not take their insurance). These incidents have taken place during night and daytime hours and most recently in the Franklin Street area.

It is strongly encouraged that you never let anyone you do not know inside your house for any reason. Contact Bates Security at 207-786-6254 or the Lewiston Police Department (9-1-1) immediately.